24th April 2019

Ultimate Gospel Collection


Featuring Way Maker (Sinach), Rain (Noel Robinson), The Gathering (Casey J.) + many more...



The popular Ultimate Collection series now has a Gospel album to get your feet tapping, your hands lifted and your eyes looking upward to Jesus - the one at the centre of it all.


Featuring original songs by established names in gospel such as Israel Houghton, Noel Robinson, Mark Beswick, Jocelyn Brown, Jake Isaac and London Community Gospel Choir. It also introduces some fresh new sounds and voices such as the brilliant Casey J and David & Nicole Binion.


Turn it up and get ready to Praise!


1. Not Forgotten - Israel & New Breed

2. Wave Your Hands - Mark Beswick & The Power Praise Worship Band

3. Let It Be - One Voice

4. Jesus Is All The World To Me - Jocelyn Brown

5. Rain (Live) Noel Robinson

6. 1,000 Hallelujahs - Casey J

7. Greater Than It All - IEC Live

8. Let The People - One Voice

9. Women Of Hope - Koda

10. How Great / It Is Happening - david & Nicole Binion

11. The Siege Is Over - Sounds Of New Wine

12. Nothing But The Blood - Guvna B

13. The Gathering - Casey J

14. Blessed To Be A Blessing (Live) - Noel Robinson

15. Where Do I Go (My Help) - Mark Beswick & The Power Praise Worship Band

16. Leaning On The Everlasting Arms/ Praise The Mighty Name Of Jesus - Jocelyn Brown

17. God Of The Impossible - Sounds Of New Wine

18. What A Love - One Voice

19. Keep Fighting - Mighty Men Experience

20. Alpha And Omega - Israel & New Breed

21. Cast Your Cares - Guvna B

22. Way Maker - Sinach

23. Imela (Live) Nathaniel Bassey

24. Worshipper (Live) - Tab Worship

25. Faith - London Community Gospel Choir



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