14th December 2018

15 Days Of Great Christmas Offers: Day 15


CD: Everlasting Arms 2CD



30 Favourite Songs From Today's Women In Worship.

Throughout scripture and for millennia, women of God have stepped forward to serve the Kingdom. Prophet-poets and obedient servants… from Miriam and Deborah to Esther, Ruth and Mary. The dichotomy of their strength and vulnerability never fails to strike a chord within our own hearts while echoing the heart of our Servant King.


A new generation of women is inviting us to lay our hearts at Jesus’ feet. To pour out all that we are and to rise up to carry His grace, mercy, rule and reign to every corner of the earth.


Everlasting Arms is a collection of songs from some remarkable women of the Faith.

Featuring 30 songs of declaration, intimacy & lament from Lou Fellingham, Lauren Daigle, Darlene Zschech, Kari Jobe, Kim Walker Smith, Brooke Ligertwood (Hillsong), Amanda Cook (Bethel) and much more.



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BOOK: Storylines - Andy Croft & Mike Pilavachi


C'mon, admit it: You haven't been reading your Bible. It's so...long. Honestly, it's intimidating. What you need is an overview. Something that will pull it all together.


Like Storylines.


It's like having a chat with your best friend.who also happens to be a Bible scholar. Or in this case, Mike and Andy.


They'll tell you there are six main themes in the Bible. Jesus, Covenant, Presence, Kingdom, Salvation, Worshipeach revealing a way of understanding Scripture that makes it live and breathe, relevant to your life today. Grasp these Big Ideas, and you'll see this amazing book. Mike and Andy also nclude a summary of the Bible and a discuss how it came to be in its present form.


So find a cozy place and get comfortable. Grab your Bible, too. Once you understand the storylines, you won't be able to put it down.


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- OFFER ENDS: 9AM Saturday 15th December 2018 -

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