12th December 2018

15 Days Of Great Christmas Offers: Day 13


CD: Mum's 50 Favourite Worship Songs 3CD



Fifty songs. Three cds. Masses of worship that gets right to the heart of the matter: that what matters most is the heart. So what’s not to love about this new compilation especially for Mums?


Featuring some great covers (Christine Dente’s version of Matt Redman’s ‘Once Again’ stands out particularly, just like Cathy Burton’s version of the Hillsong classic ‘Mighty To Save’).


There are original artist recordings too - and great ones at that. Stuart Townend’s ‘In Christ Alone’ never gets old, and Brenton Brown’s ‘Everlasting God’ never gets tired. Add in ‘Blessed Be The Name’, ‘Surrender’ and ‘The Father’s Song’ and it’s a winner from start to finish.



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BOOK: Fleeing ISIS, Finding Jesus - Charles Morris & Craig Borlase


The Real Story of God At Work


In Iraq, ISIS is on the move. So is Jesus.


Summer 2014 ISIS rages across Syria & Iraq, seeking out & slaughtering Christians by the thousands. Women & children are enslaved & the world looks on in terror. Is this the beginning of the end? Could the church in the Middle East ever hope to survive? How could God let such horrors happen? Pastor & writer Charles Morris wanted to find the answers for himself.


In Fleeing ISIS, Finding Jesus Charles Morris shares the story of how he travelled to Iraq & Jordan. There among the refugees & rescued women & girls, he discovered the truth that doesn't get reported by the national media. In the shadow of ISIS, he found God was miraculously at work.



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