10th December 2018

15 Days Of Great Christmas Offers: Day 11


CD: New Wine Worship - You Restore My Soul CD



Integrity Music are thrilled to announce the latest live worship album from New Wine Worship.




Released this Summer, it was recorded around the country and features worship leaders Nick Herbert, Lauren Harris and more.




It includes the big songs Stir A Passion, Reckless Love, Nothing But Grace and many more.



Buy Now <https://integritydirect.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=0b33e3f07d35e47801304a128&id=a267fe2121&e=58688d7037>


BOOK: Tich & Joan Smith - When Grace Showed Up


(The Story of LIV village)


Tich was a South African sports star who lost it all to alcohol. Joan had recently lost her husband. Their lives were at rock bottom when grace showed up and inspired these two middle-class South Africans to move past the racial prejudices of the Apartheid era and launch a ministry together.


In 2008, Tich and Joan felt the call of God to start the Lungisisa Indlela village (LIV), which would become the urgently needed residential facility, for orphaned and vulnerable children. They visited the Watoto villages in Uganda where they saw 19 years of successfully transforming broken lives. The vision was the same. They brought the model back to KwaZulu Natal.


"We are convinced that the church is the answer and has the resources and skills to make the difference. No longer can we sit in our church buildings and not hear the cry of the Father’s Heart for the fatherless. We are the church. We have the Father Heart of God within us. Together, in partnership with business and government, we can do it." Joan Smith, Co-founder



Buy Now <https://integritydirect.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=0b33e3f07d35e47801304a128&id=3ea56a98e2&e=58688d7037>


- OFFER ENDS: 9AM Tuesday 11th December 2018 -

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