2nd May 2020
Eight Encouragements In Difficult Times

1st May 2020
'Whenever We Have The Opportunity, We Should Do Good To Everyone'

30th April 2020
'But The Weather Changed Abruptly And Blew Us Out To Sea'

29th April 2020
'So Be Careful How You Live'

27th April 2020
'Live Wisely Among Those Who Are Not Believers'

25th April 2020
Following The Rainbow Trail To Its Original Meaning

24th April 2020
'We Have Not Strayed From Your Path'

23rd April 2020
'But Now You Have Tossed Us Aside In Dishonour'

22nd April 2020
'O God, We Give Glory To You All Day Long'

21st April 2020
'Only By Your Power Can We Push Back Our Enemies'