Midweek Focus Bible Study 21 Barry Road Esther 1:1-2:7
22nd January 2020
19:00- 20:30
Most days begin rather predictably: the alarm clock rings, we get out of bed, and then we flip on the light to start our morning routine. Yet God is a specialist in working His sovereign plan through the mundane . . . even through the most secular of people and situations. When King Ahasuerus (also known as Xerxes in the New Living Translation), happy from much wine, ordered Queen Vashti to show her beauty to his guests, he met only her rejection. She refused to parade herself before a roomful of inebriated men (Esther 1:12). In this study, Chuck Swindoll teaches us how God orchestrated this moment of marital friction into a melodious movement of providence to exalt an ordinary Jewish woman. We’ll gain wisdom and confidence knowing that God’s plans can never be frustrated no matter how carnal or godless the leaders of this world may be.


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