Midweek Focus Bible Study 21 Barry Road John 21: 1-17
13th November 2019
19:30- 21:00
There is peaceful quietness to any scene by the sea. The story before us is no exception. Jesus had died. His body was placed in a tomb, but mysteriously He left the grave. He is alive! In fact, He appeared to His disciples and made Himself known. Yet He found them back to their old way of life by the shores of the Sea of Galilee. What a beautiful setting . . . can you imagine it? Put yourself there for a few
moments. Breathe in some sea air, feel the cool offshore breeze, smell the waft of seawater and fish, and listen to the seabirds cheeping morning tunes. Enter Jesus, now “standing on the beach.” He went to where the disciples were busy with living, perhaps disillusioned at the seeming sudden loss of their call to ministry. Can you pause a moment before launching this study and write a prayer thanking Jesus for meeting you where you are today? Thank Him for pursuing you. Worship Him for accepting you and drawing you to Himself.


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