Midweek Focus Bible Study 21 Barry Road John 14: 1-24
18th July 2019
19:30- 21:00
The disciples’ hearts were troubled . . . understandably so! Jesus had just told them He would remain with them only a little while longer and that where He was going, they could not follow (John 13:33). Worrisome questions swirled through their minds: Where is He going? Why can’t we follow? What are we to do now? For about three years, they had devoted their lives to following Jesus. They had abandoned their jobs and left their families
when He had said to them, “Follow me” (1:43), and now He said they couldn’t follow Him? The next words from Jesus must have sent shivers up their spines. Upon hearing Peter’s bold pledge of loyalty, Jesus predicted Peter would deny Him—not once but three times (13:36–38)! If the bravest among them was going to break
under pressure, what would be their fate? Sensing the troubled hearts within His disciples, Jesus calmed the men with tranquil words that turned their thoughts toward a place of safety and love— the presence of God in His heavenly home. Let’s take a deeper look at Jesus’ words and discover six consoling truths that we can apply to our troubled hearts.


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