Angus Bible Week Arbroath Town Mission Andrew Bennett
3rd August 2017
Angus Bible Week: August 1 - 5

A great opportunity for Christians from Angus, Dundee and beyond to gather for an encouraging week of Bible teaching, worship and fellowship at Arbroath Town Mission.
Tuesday, August 1
10.30 am - Alastair Morrice
7.30 pm - Ian Ferguson

Wednesday, August 2
10.30 am - Alastair Morrice
7.30 pm - David Meredith

Thursday, August 3
10.30 am - Alastair Morrice
7.30 pm - Andrew Bennett

Friday, August 4
10.30 am - Alastair Morrice
7.30 pm - Fred Drummond

Saturday, August 5
2.00 pm - Gill Lyth (Care for Family, 'How to get your kids through church' seminar)
7.30 pm - Fred Drummond

Worship is being led through the week by bands from Arbroath Town Mission, St Andrew's Church Arbroath, Strathmore Christian Fellowship and St Peter's Church Dundee.
There will also be stalls through the week representing several ministries and a CLC bookstall.
Please invite anyone you think would be interested. Free event. Donation only.


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