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Wednesday 2nd May 201819:30Midweek Focus Bible Study 21 Barry Road All welcome
Facing reality in the raw, as we did in the previous message, can damper even the most hardy spirits. It can convince us that these days of darkness are a deepening shadow. Not so! Evil may go “from bad to worse” (2 Timothy 3:13), but God has limited its progress (3:9) and commanded us to soldier on for truth (3:14). It’s the only way to make a durable difference. Don’t be distracted by difficulties or hampered by hardships; don’t despair because you don’t have the highest IQ, the richest portfolio, or the finest pedigree. Rather, master a few great, majestic, unchanging, simple, glorious truths —and let them master you.

Thursday 3rd May 201814:15Guild Meeting Barry Church Hall Scottish Air Ambulance
Sunday 6th May 201809:30Morning Worship All welcome Tea/Coffee after service
18:30Guild Presbyterial Songs of Praise Montrose Old&St Andrew's
Monday 7th May 201810:00Prayer Group Philip Hall Duthie Room
12:30WPCS Introductory Afternoon Beans&Berries Dundee
Are you interested in finding out more about Workplace Chaplaincy Scotland and how you could perhaps become involved? If so, why not come along to our Introductory Afternoon, in Dundee, on Monday, 7th May

Date : Monday, 7th May
Location : Beans and Berries Coffee Shop, 70 Commercial Street, Dundee, DD1 2AP
Time : 12.30pm to 3.30pm

This is an interactive event with time for Q&A, discussions and stories together with details around how you can get involved.

All are welcome and refreshments will be provided.

If you think this is for you, please contact Geoff Findlay or Chic Lidstone for more information or to register your interest.

Geoff: 07933167480
Chic: 07814093240
13:45Knitting For Others Sorry cancelled today, resumes May 14
19:30Mission&Outreach Team Philip Hall Duthie Room
Wednesday 9th May 201819:30Midweek Focus Bible Study 21 Barry Road All welcome
No one enters a race hoping to come in second. Runners run to win. And though it’s important how runners start and maintain their pace, the real difference in the outcome depends on the amount of “kick” each runner has
on the last lap. What’s true on the track is true in life —the goal is to finish well. If it wasn’t, Paul wouldn’t have told the Corinthians: “Run in such a way
that you may win” (1 Corinthians 9:24). Paul ran to win (2 Timothy 4:7– 8). And he wanted the same for Timothy —for him to finish well. But how? 2nd Timothy 3:14 –17 provides the answer.
Thursday 10th May 2018 Ascension Day
 Thy Kingdom Come: Day 1
I follow you Jesus
Today I #pledge2pray #ToJesus
The clothes you wear today say something about
the kind of things you want to associate yourself
with. It’s the same for the music through your
headphones, the phone in your pocket and the
things you snap. Of course we all want to be
unique. It is all about being authentic.
But everyone follows other people.
A disciple follows Jesus. And actually it’s the only
way we find out how to be uniquely us. It’s the
only route to authenticity.
How closely are you following him? Pray you
would go his way today.
Friday 11th May 2018 Thy Kingdom Come: Day 2
I praise you Jesus
Today I #pledge2pray #praise
Praise changes things. Not in a spooky way, but at
least in this way. Think about a relationship you
have which is full of criticism. What effect does it
have on you? Of course it’s negative. It drains us,
and makes us close down. But when someone gives
us a word of praise – not flattery – the effect of
that on us is brilliant. We open up. We feel more
Praise for Jesus opens up space for him to come
and meet us. Tell him what it is you want to
praise him for. Open up the space for an encounter.
Pray your friends and family might
see God’s glory.
13:45Sports&Crosses BB Hall Maule St High School Ages
19:30Tearfund Scotland Jubilee Concert Montrose South&Ferryden
We are thrilled to announce our 50th anniversary tour throughout Scotland this Spring with brand-new music, written by Scottish musicians Yvonne Lyon, Allan McKinlay, Ellyn Oliver and David Lyon. The music will provide a musical reflection on Jubilee themes, exploring restoration, freedom and love.

Each performance will help to raise money for Tearfund’s partners, bringing hope to poor communities throughout the world. We look forward to seeing you soon at a nearby venue.

Montrose South& Ferryden Church, Church Road, Ferryden. Doors open 7 pm, concert begins 7.30 pm. Tickets £6 on the door
Saturday 12th May 2018 Thy Kingdom Come: Day 3
I give thanks
Today I #pledge2pray #thanks
There’s always stuff to moan about. To complain
about. To whinge about. The more we do that –
the less we see of the gifts around us.
But when we take time for being grateful we see
it all differently.
Make a list of ten things you have to be thankful
for. It shouldn’t be hard.
Thank God for your five family
and friends.
 World Fair Trade Day
Sunday 13th May 2018 Thy Kingdom Come: Day 4
I am sorry
Today I #pledge2pray #sorry
When there’s something between us and friends
and family – something that has happened that
we regret, that has caused hurt, that feels wrong

the only way for a relationship to recover is by saying sorry. Otherwise we can never look that person in the eye.
Confession is saying sorry to God – so we can look
him in the eye again. Ask the Holy Spirit to bring
to the surface the things you need to say sorry for.
Sit before God’s face. Look him in the eye.
See how much he loves you. Now say sorry.
Pray your five will know God’s
 Christian Aid Week: Day 1
09:30Morning Worship All welcome Tea/Coffee after service
Monday 14th May 2018 Thy Kingdom Come: Day 5
I offer to you
Offer prayer for your friends and family.
We invite you to #pledge2pray #offer
We don’t have everything God needs.
We have everything God wants. That is –
ourselves. God doesn’t just want money or
time, projects or songs – he wants all of us.
This surprises us, because our own view of
ourselves is far less than God’s view of us.
But we are the ones he wants.
Be really honest with God about
what you find easy to offer him,
and what you hold back . Give him
a bit more today.
 Christian Aid Week: Day 2
10:00Prayer Group Philip Hall Duthie Room
13:45Knitting For Others Barry Church Hall All welcome
Tuesday 15th May 2018 Thy Kingdom Come: Day 6
I pray for
Today I #pledge2pray #Prayfor
One of the greatest gifts we can give to people is
to pray for them. Who has God put on your heart
and in your mind to pray for?
How does he want you to pray for them? Pray it.
Think of one thing to pray for each of
your five family and friends
 Christian Aid Week: Day 3
Wednesday 16th May 2018 Thy Kingdom Come: Day 7
I ask for your help
Today I #pledge2pray #Help
We often feel helpless. There is so much change
we want to see; in ourselves, in our families and
amongst our friends and in the world.
Prayer begins when we come to the only one
who can help. He will never leave us helpless.
He staked his life on helping us.
What is it you need?
What will help you pray for your five?
 Christian Aid Week: Day 4
10:00Good Neighbours Drop-In Cafe Big Brekkie for Christian Aid




10 to 11.30 AM




Marcelin lost his home and livelihood when Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti in September 2016. ‘I lost pigs, goats, everything in the house. I have nothing left,’ he says. He now lives in an old concrete shower block, a tiny space he shares with his teenage daughters. There are no windows or doors, and the only furniture is a single bed that the girls sleep on.
Marcelin has shown incredible resilience in the face of such hardships and is working hard to raise his children alone. Will you StandTogether with your global neighbour Marcelin and give a gift to help build a disaster-proof home in Haiti?
Every day he gets up at dawn to work the land but he’s struggling to support his family. The changing weather frequently destroys the food he grows and his family often go hungry. He can no longer afford to send all his children to school and is unable to save any money for a new home.
So, this Christian Aid Week, will you build hope in Haiti? We know how to make it happen – of the 700 houses we built after the 2010 earthquake, just one needed to be repaired after Hurricane Matthew. But we’re relying on the kindness of people like you to be able to do more, and reach more of our global neighbours in their hour of need.

Other special cafes will also be held over the summer as follows:
JUNE 13, 10 to 11.30, in aid of TEARFUND
JULY 11TH, 10 to 11.30 am, in aid of MISSION AVIATION FELLOWSHIP
AUGUST 15TH, 10 to 11.30 am, in aid of CROSSREACH
SEPTEMBER 12TH, 10 to 11.30 am, in aid of COMPASSION UK

In October, the Good Neighbours Drop-In Cafe will revert to twice-monthly, the first two dates being October 10th and 24th.


19:30Midweek Focus Bible Study 21 Barry Road All welcome
Thursday 17th May 2018 Thy Kingdom Come: Day 8
I adore you
Today I #pledge2pray #adore
Adoring is more than liking. It is more than
thinking someone is nice. It is being biased that
they are brilliant.
God is utterly biased for you. He is not neutral
about you, undecided about you, or waiting to
make his mind up you. He not only loves you.
He adores you.
How do you feel about him?
Pray your family and friends will realise
how God feels about them!
 Christian Aid Week: Day 5
18:15Summer Fayre Committee Barry Church Hall
Friday 18th May 2018 Thy Kingdom Come: Day 9
I celebrate…
Today I #pledge2pray #celebrate
To celebrate is to do something that isn’t just
required or expected. It is to go a bit over the
top about someone. To do more than you need.
Because, as they say, they’re worth it.
God’s worth it. But we regularly take it all as a
bit standard.
If you were going to celebrate God how would
you do it?
Celebrate that God has given you family
and friends to pray for.
 Christian Aid Week: Day 6
Saturday 19th May 2018 Thy Kingdom Come: Day 10
Today I #pledge2pray #silence
Revelation 8:1 It’s extraordinary ‘When he
opened the seventh seal’ (don’t ask ) ‘ there was
silence in heaven for about half an hour.’
Our lives very rarely have silence in them.
Sound is constant. Many of us can’t even go to
sleep without background noise.
God gives us silence – for us to be present to him
and him to us.
Try it. Not for half an hour. Justforthree
minutes. Go somewhere where you can bealone and put your phone away. Sit orstand. Be aware of God, experience how close he is to you.
I enter your silence
Listen to what God might have to say
for your five family and friends.
 Christian Aid Week: Day 7
Sunday 20th May 2018 Pentecost
 Thy Kingdom Come: Day 11
I do this in your Name
Today I #pledge2pray #ThyKingdomCome
One of the shockers with Jesus is how quickly he
invites us to do things for him in the world.
He doesn’t wait until we have the qualifications,
the experience or the age. He calls us today to
work with him. You up for it?
If you’re up for it, keep praying
thatyour five people will come
to know Jesus.
Join the global wave of prayer
09:30Morning Worship All welcome Tea/Coffee after service
13:00Heart&Soul Princes St Gardens Edinburgh

Over at St Cuthberts’ Church, there will be performances from the Heart and Soul Swing Band, an exhibition on the 50th anniversary of the ordination of women ministers, and a brand new video art installation by internationally acclaimed artist Bill Viola.

Church councils, congregations, presbyteries, and church-connected services and charities will be represented and will be sharing stories, holding competitions and running activities from their tents. The Family Village is also a brand new addition to the event, with a family picnic being held between 12:30-3pm, and storytelling from one of the writers from Spill The Beans, as well as performances from Heart and Soul favourite Fischy Music.

The Ross Bandstand will host a diverse group of musical performances throughout the day, with singer Bruce Davies, as well as group performances from the likes of Grace Notes from St John’s Church in Carluke, and HarmonyChoir from Edinburgh.

Bringing us to the final Closing Worship will be a performance of the acclaimed ‘Last Supper’ by Passion Play Lanarkshire.

New for this year

Year of Young People 2018

This year the festival will be celebrating the Year of Young People, with the brand new evening event the night before Heart and Soul.

Organisers are pleased to welcome popular Christian EDM artists LZ7, and will also be welcoming the youth events charity Powerpoint to host an energetic evening of worship, highlighting some of the issues young people face, with a focus on finding meaning and resolution through faith.

Mr Kerr said: “With the youth event, to have the opportunity to expand Heart and Soul so that we have something dedicated for young people, for families, and for all church members, is a huge bonus for us, and is something we’re hopeful will continue to inspire the work of the Church.”

In Conversation

The brand new In Conversation tent will also bring topical discussions with key names to the forefront – it’s certainly one not to miss. It will be hosted by Hugh Pym, BBC News Health Editor and Elder at St Columba’s Church in London.

Heart and Soul Festival 2018
The brand new In Conversation tent will bring topical discussions with key names to the forefront – it’s certainly one not to miss.

With landmark events happening this year, such as the centenary of the end of World War I, as well as the 50th anniversary of the ordination of female ministers, there is certainly a lot to discuss. Here’s just a taster of what to expect:
Sally Magnusson, Scottish broadcaster and writer, will be in conversation with Hugh Pym onstage discussing her new novel ‘The Seal Woman’s Gift’ and her non-fiction book ‘Where Memories Go: Why Dementia Changes Everything’. She will also be highlighting her dementia charity Playlist for Life, a music and memory initiative set up in memory of her mother Mamie. The charity was set up in community partnership with The Guild.
Very Rev Dr Lorna Hood will be interviewing Louise Macdonald OBE, Chief Executive of Young Scot, and a young ambassador about what’s happening for young people this year as part of the Year of Young People 2018. Both Dr Hood and Ms Macdonald are board members of the charity YouthLink Scotland, the national agency for youth work.
Ross Greer, Green Party MSP for West Scotland, will be in conversation with Robin Downie, Moderator for the National Youth Assembly, and Right Rev Dr Derek Browning, Moderator for The Church of Scotland. Mr Downie and Dr Browning will be examining the topic of young people and faith.
To mark 50 years of the ordination of women as ministers in The Church of Scotland, Rev Dr Margaret Forrester will be taking to the stage to discuss her work in petitioning for women’s ordination.
Hugh Pym and members of the Scots in the Great War London group from St Columba’s Church will be marking the centenary of the end of World War I this year. The discussion will highlight how St Columba’s was a haven for 50,000 Scottish soldiers while stationed in London. They will also be previewing their book on the topic which will be released later in the year.

The Heart and Soul Festival will take place in Princes Street Gardens on Sunday 20 May 2018 between 1-6pm, and the evening youth event will be held between 7-9pm in Princes Street Gardens on Saturday 19 May. Both events are free and un-ticketed – so simply turn up on the day.

To keep up to date with announcements, how to get there, and to see the full line-up of what’s going on, make sure you check the website.

For any queries you may have, please email

Find out more about what is happening this year as part of Year of Young People
Monday 21st May 201810:00Prayer Group Philip Hall Duthie Room
13:45Knitting For Others Barry Church Hall All welcome
Wednesday 23rd May 201819:30Midweek Focus Bible Study 21 Barry Road All welcome
Friday 25th May 201813:45Sports&Crosses BB Hall Maule St High School ages
Saturday 26th May 201811:00Guild Project Rally Forfar East& Old All welcome
The Guild theme for 2018 until 2021 is ‘One Journey, Many Roads’ and all the
projects reflect that theme.
Crossreach’s project is ‘Join Up the Dots’ looking at the problems of
loneliness and social isolation in Scotland. Do you remember the recent
‘Grey Cake’ event?
World Mission Council’s ‘Journeying Together’ is ‘Empowering
Teenage mothers in Zambia’, offering mentoring and support for young
mothers, teaching them parenting skills.
The Sailor’s Society’s project is called ‘A Chaplain for our Ports’ and
they are hoping to transform more lives through bringing hope and comfort
to seafarers arriving in our ports.
The Free to Live Trust is asking the guild to support ‘Seema’s
Project’. They rescue abandoned children from the red-light district of
the city of Pune, India.
Malawi Fruits ‘Growing the Future’ is committed to supporting young
farmers in the north of Malawi by teaching more up to date irrigation
methods and crop processing.
The Boy’s Brigade’s project is called ‘Faith in Young People’. This
will focus on Growth in Faith, Growth in community partnerships and
Growth in Young People.
Just a taste of the new projects and if you would like to know more, all
the projects will be represented at a Project Rally to be held in Forfar’s
East and Old Church on Saturday 26th May. It is an open day for anyone
interested in hearing about the projects, you do not have to be a Guild
member, and it will start at 11.00am prompt finishing about 3.00pm. Tea
and coffee will be available but bring a packed lunch with you.
Sunday 27th May 201809:30Morning Worship All welcome Tea/Coffee after service
Monday 28th May 201810:00Prayer Group Philip Hall Duthie Room
13:45Knitting For Others Barry Church Hall All welcome
Wednesday 30th May 201815:00Afternoon Service Braehill Lodge
19:30Midweek Focus Bible Study 21 Barry Road All welcome
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