14th October 2020





We know this is a challenging time for our communities as well as the United Kingdom.



People are watching their own world's shrinking as a result the Covid -19 pandemic. It has impacted our economy, but we know we can still bring hope and life to our communities because God wants everyone to know the joy of relationship. We believe that what the enemy intended to create isolation with, can be used by God as a tool for greater connection.


We have been asking ourselves as a team, "What does this moment make available?" We are convinced more than ever that God is moving and is going to use trypraying in an unusual way.



For that reason we are actively looking for town and city churches as well as coordinators who are interested in being part of a huge invitation to the nation next Spring, (or at least a good part of it!), to try praying!



Next month in November we will be sharing our vision, (digitally), on how we can all join God in his work, compassionately and creatively, to help people move from isolation to relationship using our resources.



Here are 2 important things you can do to be part of it:


1. Get hold of our new and free "Let's do this together" leaflet. Email: hello@trypraying.co.uk and ask for the pdf.


2. Sign up to the local "Zoom" call we will be hosting throughout November in up to 30 towns and cities across the UK. Email: david.t@trypraying.co.uk for details.


Sign me up <https://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-juydlkdt-otujltlsh-r/>





Zoe (a Mum), was experiencing very difficult family circumstances. Her son was part of the church youth club attended by Beth, which allowed her to get to know the family.


Beth and Zoe attended a women’s event and after this Zoe began to ask questions about God and prayer. So Beth gave her a "trypraying" booklet and Zoe started to pray. It wasn’t long before she discovered God was prepared to answer. The result was she began to feel a lot calmer....


They started meeting once a fortnight to discuss the booklet and pray. Within a few weeks Zoe gave her "Yes" to Jesus. She is now a part of the local church and growing in her faith.



So Everyone can hear.



In these times of transition and tension people are increasingly open to prayer and to good news. But they need someone to invite them.



"How can people have faith in the Lord and ask them to save them, if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear, unless someone tells them?" (Romans 10:14 CEV)


Imagine some of your friends, neighbours and colleagues taking the next step into their journey with God because you have made them aware of trypraying. Imagine the kingdom impact that could be made through your commitment to displaying such a simple invitation on the buses, a banner or the gift of a booklet online or through a perspex box.



Trypraying is a platform from which we can tell God's story, an advertising canvas to paint a clear picture of God's love, a gateway into our communities and a spoon to stir the pot as you invite your neighbourhood to pray. Are you interested?



Thank you for engaging. We are glad that none of us have to do this alone.




David Hart for the trypraying team.


Trypraying - inviting those who don't to become those who do.

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