29th April 2020

Coronavirus Urgent Appeal


Dear Friend,


Coronavirus is spreading among some of the world’s poorest communities. Time is running out to help them.


Many of us will have spent the last few weeks with a real sense of fear and uncertainty. We’ve seen with our own eyes the devastation this virus can cause. Yet for people living in extreme poverty the impact could be unthinkable.


In Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, the largest refugee camp in the world, cramped conditions mean it’s impossible to keep a safe distance from people. And there aren’t enough handwashing facilities. The virus could spread through the camp like wildfire threatening the half a million Rohingya people who live there. People whose lives were already a struggle.


Our local church partners are on the frontline, responding in vulnerable communities around the world. But they need your help.


‘We are distributing leaflets about handwashing, distancing and recognising the symptoms,’ says Sudarshan Kodooru, Tearfund’s Country Director in Bangladesh. ‘We have given out hygiene kits, but getting access to the refugee camps is likely to become even harder.’


Please give what you can <https://tearfund.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=cd19eb0b2a74af14054950f15&id=5814b85f2e&e=b67d6b82a4>


You will be supporting vital hygiene and sanitation work, as well helping our partners spread crucial prevention messaging.


* £54 could provide 18 families with a month’s supply of life-saving essentials such as soap and disinfectant

* £82 could provide health training and food support to five families over three months


Thank you for your support during this difficult time.


We know these are hard times for us all. Yet God’s call to his church is to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves. Please pray and give generously so we can reach the most vulnerable before it’s too late. If you have already given, thank you.


Every blessing,



Graeme McMeekin

Acting Scotland Director

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