22nd February 2020

Your Gift This Lent Can Save Lives


Dear Friend,


At Lent, many of us give up certain things to help us focus on God. We can do this in the knowledge that he will never give up on us.


It is this unconditional love that moves us to follow Jesus where the need is greatest reaching out to people like Florence in practical ways.


Please give today <https://tearfund.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=cd19eb0b2a74af14054950f15&id=6a4b05f508&e=b67d6b82a4>



Florence lives in Zimbabwe, where the harsh climate and political unrest are pushing people like her deeper into poverty. Millions of people like her in Zimbabwe and around the world are in urgent need of help.


Florence hasn’t been able to grow anything on her land for two years due to severe weather conditions, and all of her chickens died of disease. With no crops and very little in the way of other resources, she and her three children are facing the fight of their lives to survive hunger.


Having grown up an orphan, married at 12 and widowed twice before the age of 39, Florence has built up a huge amount of resilience. She won’t give up easily, but she needs help.



Please give what you can <https://tearfund.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=cd19eb0b2a74af14054950f15&id=ce9092752c&e=b67d6b82a4>



£77 could provide 100 chicks which means a new way for a family to earn a living.


Any gift you give will help our partners to reach those in most need around the world. And please continue to pray for an end to the extreme poverty putting families like Florence’s at such risk. Thank you.


With every blessing this Lent,



Graeme McMeekin

Acting Scotland Director, Tearfund

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