19th November 2019

Let's Focus On Christmas


Dear Friend,


Advent starts in a couple of weeks and a million and one glittering distractions will vie for our attention (and wallet).


December can be a whirlwind of shopping, wrapping and diary dates. Then there’s the ‘January’ sales starting three weeks early and the discussions about which Christmas TV advert made you weep the most.


Tearfund’s daily Advent reflections can help you keep the focus on Jesus.



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Every day of Advent, we’ll email you a fresh reflection from all sorts of wise men and women around the world. This year’s theme is Focus on Christmas.


It’s the perfect spiritual nourishment for the season. And it’ll be a daily reminder of why Christmas really is special something to remember as we wage our annual battle with a knotted string of fairy lights.


Sign up today and stay focused on what (and who) really matters this Advent! <https://tearfund.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=cd19eb0b2a74af14054950f15&id=9d845dbc83&e=b67d6b82a4>


With every blessing,




Graeme McMeekin

Tearfund Scotland Acting Director

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