10th April 2018

Growing With God

At Monkton Prestwick North Church, the early adopters of Path of Renewal have been working hard to keep the congregation informed about and involved in the Path of Renewal movement:
Minister, David Clarkson shared this recently in the church magazine:
Groups were developed within participating congregations. These groups agreed that they would give time to learn, share and pray together and that the things they had learnt would be shared with the wider congregation. The changes are therefore neither cosmetic, nor dependent upon the minister currently in post remaining there.  Instead, the whole culture of the local church should be changed to become more outward focussed with revitalised worship and congregational life. Our local group has had twelve people who have been meeting together every fortnight. As well as learning, sharing and praying together the members of the group have been involved with leading worship.
Some of the group also shared their reasons for being involved. Here are just some extracts:
“Path of Renewal is a way for the congregations of the Church of Scotland to find out the direction God wants them to go in, for the next while: to learn to listen to Him, and be directed by Him. To change, and to grow up. To become the Church that God needs us to be, in Scotland, at this time. (Allan)
“Three important things I learned were that prayer is essential and very powerful!  Also, when God is asking you to do something and you feel way out of your depth and inadequate for the task ahead, all God really wants you to do is take the first step and lay your trust in Him. He will reveal the path ahead when you start walking!  Finally, the most important thing I learned is – everything starts with relationships - Our relationship with God, each other, our community and our world.  Building relationships is essential!  However, I can’t wait to see what our awesome God has in store for us here in Monkton and Prestwick North. (Elaine)
“Path of Renewal is an opportunity to continue growing with God, thinking more deeply about what I am doing and considering how best we can serve both our Lord and our community. I don’t know where this journey will take me or us as a congregation, but I am looking forward to finding out! “  (Margaret)

Path of Renewal has been another step on this faith journey as I've been challenged about my relationship with Jesus and how I share it with others.   This journey continues and although it may continue to be a bumpy one, I pray it will also be one of challenges, growing faith and a closer relationship with God. (Maureen)
“I have grown up within the Church here and have seen many changes.
On Path of Renewal?  I still don’t know what my role will be but I am excited to be part of this and really looking forward to where this will lead the Church in the future.”
“…Then I concentrated on the word renewal and began to realize that this wasn’t just a path for a few people, this was renewal for every single person sitting in the pews Sunday after Sunday and that included me.”(Irene) 
“I wasn’t brought up in church and it never entered my mind to go.  I have now been attending church regularly for one and a half years.  I attended an Alpha course, which is a great opportunity for people who want to find out and ask questions about God, life and Christianity.  It was there that I started to fully understand it all I now have the joy of Jesus in my heart and my life has been transformed.” (Jacqui)
A new part of the process in this congregation is the development of Growing with God groups. This gives the opportunity for more people to begin to learn, share and pray together. Encouraging everyone to ask: “What can I do that will help this congregation to grow?”;
“How can I grow in faith?”; and, “Could I get more involved in the life of the church?”

Recently, a member of the congregation shared: "I'm still not entirely sure what Path of Renewal is all about - but I can see the difference in those who are involved."
That is a story of Growing in God, affecting not just individuals but a congregation and whole community.
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