8th September 2020

Church of Scotland Guild Weekly E-News


From the old we travel to the new


I hope everyone enjoyed our Virtual Annual Gathering on Saturday, filled with old and new. Grateful thanks to all who took part in making this possible, with special thanks to Karen our Associate Secretary for the extra effort she put in.


This great movement that we are all part of has seen many changes throughout its 133 years, as we have faithfully transitioned through old ways of doing Guild in new and innovative ways.


Since the lockdown in March this year has certainly been a year like no other, stopping us in our tracks so to speak; unable to gather and share collectively in many ways - meetings, conferences and outings that had already been planned.


Some Guilds have already planned their 2020-21 year and some are waiting to see what happens with Covid-19. Some have decided to leave things until the turn of the year and then, rather than go from Autumn to Spring, meet Spring to Autumn. Whatever you decide embrace the thought - old to the new, this we can do! As you have seen through the virtual annual gathering, the work of the Guild nationally continues and we will be updating you on the work of our project partners in the coming weeks.


Usually by now the new National Convener would have some sort of idea around where and when engagements would be, and be looking forward to meeting Guild folk in their own wee corner. So, like you, I too am unsure of the path ahead.


Keeping our strategy ‘One Journey Many Roads’ in mind, and our new theme - 'Going the Extra Mile' - remember in your prayers that we have a constant companion who will guide us just as He has always done. As we all travel from the old to the new, He’ll be travelling alongside us too.


Then, we can get back to doing what the Guild does best, meeting and sharing together and looking forward to receiving the outstanding hugs that await collection.


I am a hugs person, and in doing so it reminds me that I am both privileged and humbled to be a...






As we continue along the old road we are travelling at the moment, let’s pray for a new branch to open up in the coming year and allow us all to travel from the old to the new.


Wishing God’s richest blessings on you all, as I wait patiently for the opportunity to meet and greet you in person with a hug.


Mabel Wallace, National Convener







Virtual Annual Gathering


Thank you to everyone who took part in or watched the Virtual Annual Gathering on Saturday. We have been heartened by the positive feedback we have had from members and friends. Folk watched on their own or in small socially distanced groups. Our new National Convener, Mabel Wallace, met with some members of her own Guild in Fort William.


You can still watch the video online and of course just email us if you would like to order a DVD (£12) or USB stick (£15) at kgillon@churchofscotland.org.uk <mailto:kgillon@churchofscotland.org.uk?subject=Order%20a%20DVD%20or%20USB%20stick> .


With Guilds not able to meet in person at the moment we continue to think about what we can do to support Guilds online or with ideas of how they can keep in touch with members. If you have been doing something that works well then please let us know so that we in turn can pass it on.


Watch the Virtual Annual Gathering here <https://churchofscotland.us20.list-manage.com/track/click?u=29d4cd56ce6871362e9339137&id=c8f1857177&e=43d4a1fa0e>







A virtual day with CrossReach


On Wednesday 30 September at 10:30am CrossReach are hosting an event called Coffee@Morven. It is a live webinar from one of their services, Morven Day Centre in Kilmarnock. Morven provides social support for people experiencing poor mental health.


It is a great opportunity for CrossReach to engage with its supporters and for their supporters to find out more about our services. The webinar will last just over an hour and, during that time, there will be a tour of the service by deputy manager Allan Marshall; a ten minute craft class led by a service user; you will meet and hear from another one of our service users; and there will be a Q&A interview between Euan McIntyre and Allan. So, the day is fully interactive.


They would love it if Guild members could attend on the day. You can sign up quickly and easily using the link below.


All details will be sent to participants via email including the link to use on the day and any craft materials to have available if you would like to take part in the ten minute class.


Sign up to take part <https://churchofscotland.us20.list-manage.com/track/click?u=29d4cd56ce6871362e9339137&id=c682a6b184&e=43d4a1fa0e>







A reminder of fellowship


We were delighted to receive this lovely little bag of keepsakes from St Andrew's Guild in Arbroath. They have made these little bags up and have given them to all their members to know that they are loved and remembered by their friends in the Guild. This may be something that you could try in your Guild to let people know you are still thinking about them. We know how encouraged we were when it dropped through the letterbox.







Pray this week


Monday: for Mabel Wallace as she relaxes into her new role as National Convener.

Tuesday: for all those known to us who are in hospital at this time, that God will heal and strengthen them.

Wednesday: that God will give us a listening ear and a humble and compassionate heart.

Thursday: asking that when we face problems or difficulties we will magnify God and not the problem.

Friday: for those who feel scattered and for those who feel exiled. Gather them to a place you have chosen and prepared for them, dear God.

Saturday: that we will know when to stop and when to rest. That we might be refreshed for the tasks that are ahead of us.

Sunday: for churches who open for the first time this week, that it will be a meaningful time of worship together.





Contact us


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