23rd September 2020

Church of Scotland Guild Weekly E-News


Where will the road take us?


In 2 Corinthians 5:17 we read 'Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!’

The 2020 Annual Gathering and Guild Week have come and gone. How different were they?

This year has been a year like no other and as we look to our Guild Session 2020-21 I do hope and pray that most, if not all of our Guilds, will think seriously about what is available to you. This time last year not many of us were so familiar with technology but it is amazing what has been achieved. Just last month we had a National Council meeting via Microsoft Teams with 40 people. Guilds and Guilds Together Groups have been arranging committee meetings via Zoom. Let us do our best to bring as many folks together as we can. The Guild has never been afraid to ‘bite the bullet’ and adapt to change. We can do that in this new situation too.


"Lord, you know that I have always felt uncomfortable with change and for the last six months it seems as if my life has been tipped out, tossed around and shaken up in all directions.

"Lord, my neighbours, who have shared my life for many years are seriously considering moving house…Disaster…Who will I go to when technology won’t work, my jam won’t set or black fly overcomes the roses? They always know what to do!

"Frankly, I am scared dear Lord, and some days really wonder how I’ll manage. It’s at those times I need to hear your voice reminding me that every day is a love gift from you to be savoured and received with thankfulness and your intention is for me to take into the future the best of everything experienced so far and that while so many things are changing that cannot be avoided and simply must be taken, one step at a time, there is no pathway that I’ll have to tread without you by my side"


Reflecting on the above verse from Corinthians and these words, let us look forward to keeping our Guilds together and doing what we can, as long as it is needed, knowing that we are not alone in this challenge.

I like this quote from Leo Tolstoy. ’Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself’.

However not everyone has access to technology nor the experience of how to use it and it is important that they must not feel that their efforts are not appreciated. They are appreciated and are no less worthwhile, whether you keep in touch by telephone, letter or card, or even through a chat at the front door, the main thing is that we keep our members informed that The Guild is still very much ‘ALIVE’ and looking forward to when we can all meet together again.


Take care and keep safe

Every Blessing

Margaret Muir

National Vice Convener







Celebrating harvest


Guild member, June Armstrong, has put together this beautiful display to celebrate harvest using fruit, vegetables and flowers. We are sure you will enjoy its bright vibrant colours. Maybe you and your Guild members could make your own harvest arrangements and share the photos with each other.

Why not send us any photos you put together so we can share them with others.


Send us your pictures <mailto:kgillon@churchofscotland.org.uk>







Christian Aid Harvest Resources


Christian Aid’s harvest resources are now available to download. Whether you want to organise a prayer service, virtual cake sale or a Zoom quiz, Christian Aid has the tools to help you.

Maybe your Guild could organise something or share the resources with your local congregation and do something together.


Download the resources <https://churchofscotland.us20.list-manage.com/track/click?u=29d4cd56ce6871362e9339137&id=a0c26cc2dd&e=43d4a1fa0e>







Connecting through squares


The folks at Carnoustie Guild are using this time of pandemic to knit squares that help them feel connected to each other. The squares are then joined together to form colourful blankets. Almost all of their members were involved and it might also be a good way for your members to come together through an activity while you are unable to meet in person.







Portpatrick Guild Calendar


The Guild in Portpatrick has once again produced a stunning calendar featuring their local area. The calendars cost £6.50 which includes postage and packaging. Cheques should be made payable to Portpatrick Guild. You can order yours by getting in touch with Fiona Maxwell at 62 Lochryan Street, Stranraer DG9 7HR or by emailing her on the link below.


Order your calendar <mailto:maxwellf@supanet.com?subject=Portpatrick%20Calendar>







Spreading the word


The Guild at Dalgety Bay have been meeting together on Zoom in recent weeks, even sharing a talk with the Journeying Together project. All of our project partners are willing to help with Guild meetings online so why not get in touch if you would like to try it. In addition the Guild took part in their weekly church service online, sharing what they have been doing and, as a result, they have recruited a few new people along to their virtual Guild meeting.





Pray this week


Monday: for those, individually or collectively, who are silenced or ignored by society, asking God to use you to be a voice on their behalf.

Tuesday: for those in our church family who might feel that they don't really belong. Ask God the Father to draw particularly close to them.

Wednesday: asking God to take down systems and organisations that exploit people and replace them with systems that build them up.

Thursday: for people struggling with the uncertainty of unemployment and the issues with debt that it may create.

Friday: asking God to bring to your mind some who is 'broken-hearted', that the Lord might show you how you can hold them and support them in the days ahead.

Saturday: that God will enable us to rest when we need do so that He can renew our strength for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Sunday: for those who need encouragement, that they might know the way ahead more clearly and have the confidence to move forward.





Contact us


Phone: 0131 225 5722 <tel:+013120225205722>

121 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4YN

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