23rd July 2020
How Can You Bless A Family Today?

22nd July 2020
'I Am The Vine; You Are The Branches'

22nd July 2020
God Cares For Our Whole Lives

21st July 2020
'Remain In Me, And I Will Remain In You'

21st July 2020
From Time To Time, The Light Breaks Through And The Darkness Scatters

20th July 2020
God Is A Global God

18th July 2020
Preparing Our Hearts To Worship God

17th July 2020
'The Lord Leads With Unfailing Love And Faithfulness'

16th July 2020
'Remember Me In The Light Of Your Unfailing Love'

15th July 2020
'Remember, O Lord, Your Compassion And Unfailing Love'