9th March 2017

Be Still and Know - 'I Look For Someone To Come And Help Me'

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"I look for someone to come and help me, but no one gives me a passing thought! No one will help me; no one cares a bit what happens to me."


Psalm 142:4 NLT


 <http://i.emlfiles1.com/cmpimg/t/s.gif>   THURSDAY


Jayne and I once booked a holiday in Wales in January on her birthday. However, when the day to begin our journey came, storms engulfed England and Wales. The advice we received from motoring organisations was not to travel. Our destination cottage was buried in snow, so we cancelled. We assumed, foolishly as it turned out, that our insurance policy would cover this. Despite their best intentions, the hoops we had to jump through and the endless correspondence and phone conversations left us exhausted, and it seemed less stressful to wave goodbye to the cost of the holiday than seek to complete our insurance claim.


In the same way, there are times when no matter how vocal and continuous our cry to God, it’s as if it lands upon deaf ears. Our circumstances deteriorate and we lose confidence in the God who has called us and promised to sustain us.


I have felt exposed as my own angst consumed me, and no matter where I looked I could find no support that offered me any solace. It’s as if I was adrift in that storm on Galilee and no matter the accumulated experience of the fishermen, I was more frightened than I’d ever been. It was the darkest watch in the night and to date, neither ghost nor Jesus appeared on the storm-tossed sea.


Normal remedies such as the existence of the worshipping community, the potency of prayer or the power of the word proved of little real effect in transforming my reality. It was still a mountain to climb and I knew I had little of the necessary equipment. So I simply had to acknowledge my complete sense of dislocation and hope that somewhere, perhaps around some imagined bend, the grace of God awaited me. Christianity was not, after all, a sticking plaster to cover an unfortunate cut. It was a monumental question inviting my trust in some substantial future that lay beyond my immediate experience.









When have you felt that God has abandoned you?


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Lord Jesus, forgive me for those times when my eyes were on the storm and not on you.



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