8th March 2017

Be Still and Know - 'Then Sarai Said To Abram, "This Is All Your Fault"'

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"Then Sarai said to Abram, “This is all your fault!”"


Genesis 16:5 NLT


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When our ideas go wrong we often look to blame anyone but ourselves. Taking responsibility is something that has to be learned and is not core to our fractured human nature. I grew up creating the most intricate narratives. We had two tall glass panels either side of the front door. Mum and Dad were out and I threw something which took out one of the panes. Rather than tell the truth, I invented a story of how I’d slipped crossing the hall towards the stairs and my shoulder had gone through the glass. I was banking on their relief that I wasn’t hurt, a narrative that played well.


What is it with truth that eludes us? Why do we prefer a lie, or exaggeration at the least? We hate the thought of the assumed exposure that accompanies truth-telling.


Jesus pulled no punches when informing his followers that in this world we will experience trouble (see John 16:33). I only heard what I wanted when I first walked with God. I wanted fullness of life, assurance of faith, stability and security. All were wrapped up in the messages I heard. As I deepened my friendship with God, there it was plain and simple throughout scripture that God’s chosen are exposed to tests beyond their natural competence.


Exposed to such challenges the harsh reality of apparent separation from God and my recognition that I had no authority or power in such circumstances, it knocked the stuffing out of me. I blamed God most certainly and also hit out at others, jealous of their comfort levels which I no longer shared, and cursing myself by comparison. I hung my righteousness out to dry as I invited God to see the wrong he was doing to his faithful servant.


I only began to make progress when I stopped the blame game and cursed the curse of comparison. I acknowledged where I was and realised I can only start out again from where I found myself. No magic, only the grim determination to yield to God, accepting this trouble for what it was, and discovering the provision God had for me in the heat of unwelcome experience.









Do you have a tendency to blame others for your mistakes?


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Lord, help me to take responsibility for my own bad behaviour.



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