3rd January 2018

Be Still and Know - "In Bethlehem In Judea" They Said

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"“In Bethlehem in Judea,” they said, “for this is what the prophet wrote:""


Matthew 2:5 NLT


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My love of history was simply that it was always ‘story’, subject to rearrangement of the popular narrative. Mum, also a lover of history, always chastised me that I challenged inherited narrative, as if one person’s interpretation of what are often minimal sources could ever offer up a final, irrevocable account. The challenge is the extent to which I am looking to the sources to support my view and the extent to which I allow them to speak for themselves. The latter helps to develop a narrative out of humility and without demanding it is in any way final.


Once the Magi approach Herod, then Herod’s advisors can easily seek a knowledge source and discover a truth, Messiah’s birth. In relying on knowledge, they had completely missed the signs that this was happening within their lifetime, just down the street. And Herod took this knowledge and created a narrative which was completely wrong. The nagging doubt within that his power might be challenged and his position threatened took shape and he set about attempting to future proof his throne and his legacy. Of course, his knowledge base failed to discern the reality of Messiah’s kingdom, which was not of this world. His sages failed to listen to the sources they quoted, the Hebrew prophets, and their grasp upon the truth was wrong and uninformed by God.


A knowledge-based approach to truth led to a major disturbance in the life of Mary, Joseph and Jesus, as well as the brutal murder of infants. This reveals the potent danger there is in reliance of knowledge without discernment. There are times when we need to trust God, despite our interpretation of the facts; when the nagging doubt must be silenced, or at least side-lined, to enable God to speak and guide us.






Who would you turn to for knowledge and who for wisdom?


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Almighty God, who knows all things, help me to trust in you.



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