31st May 2019

Novena Day 1: Prayer For Family, Friends & Colleagues

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Lord thank you for the gift of our families, friends and colleagues. Help us to bring your love to those relationships and healing where it is needed. Amen.









But when the Father sends the Advocate as my representative that is, the Holy Spirit he will teach you everything and will remind you of everything I have told you.


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John 14:26 NLT





As Jesus ascended back to the Father, the material presence of God in the earth returned to heaven. The disciples were faced with the challenge of living within the material world while gazing on the immaterial. Instead of following a physical human manifestation of the divine, the disciples had to discern and respond to the unseen presence of the divine. This was to become a reality through the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Now, in obedience, they awaited the coming of that promised Holy Spirit.





After my conversion to Christianity, I diligently tried to follow the way of God, guided by my teachers, and their encouragement that I engage in daily scripture reading and prayer. But when university term finished and I was at home without an energised Christian community surrounding me, I struggled to maintain my faith. It was only 18 months after finding Christ that I discovered the work of the Holy Spirit. I was refreshed and my faith revived in a way that is hard to describe. For 18 months I had struggled and maintained my faith out of obedience. Now I was flooded with the life-giving joy of the person of God, the Holy Spirit I received a new language to pray when I ran out of words and yet still desired to reach towards the heart of God.





So there are periods of waiting for God when we are to adopt the prayerful habit that has marked the Church throughout her history. Prayer has not always guaranteed deliverance from pain and suffering for God’s people. Yet, prayer always opens the channels along which God’s refreshing rivers of grace and mercy flow. In our cynical, disbelieving and material world, we have great need for such channels to be both dug and then prayed full of God’s grace and mercy.







Do you want to be filled with God’s Spirit?


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Holy Spirit, come fill me afresh today. Take my prayers and through them dig channels of grace that break down division and lay the foundations for God’s kingdom in the earth.





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