13th March 2017

Be Still and Know - 'The Gods Of Other Nations Are Mere Idols'

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"The gods of other nations are mere idols, but the LORD made the heavens!"


1 Chronicles 16:26 NLT


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One of the most wonderful aspects of Katey’s progressive deterioration at the hands of MS was her continued expression of joy. As one who faced increasing spasticity, loss of walking, a slow deterioration in both swallowing and speech, she refused to be conquered by ailing health.


I’d first been attracted to Katey by her joie de vivre. Every moment of life in her company was a celebration of all that might be enjoyed in that single moment, for every moment was pregnant with opportunity. My heart lifted even as I cycled to visit her, long before we were ever an item. I learned the reality and the meaning of hospitality from her. Her door was always open to others.


While I reached desperation point in seeking to persuade God to restore Katey to full physical health, Katey, with little complaint, ordered her life within the increasing limitations placed upon her by this neurological incursion. What’s more, she still ran at life, even when it appeared to risk life and limb, careering down the steep slopes of lakeside mountains while holidaying in Cumbria. Life is self-evidently so much more than the physical attributes we enjoy and the consumer needs that we effectively serve. Life is something both present and absent. It is a pursuit of something we sense deep within ourselves without ever being able to describe precisely or attain completely. Katey appeared to see way into the distance, her eyes fixed upon the One who’d invited her to follow. She left the ashes of a sad and isolated childhood behind her in anticipation of a life and a world that so many missed through their litany of complaint and subjection to a counsel of privatised self-preservation.


Katey was such a great gift to me, she slowly prized my eyes open, freed me from a smothering intellect that knew so much, yet experienced so little. Now I scan the horizon, less in search of her departed self as in wide-eyed anticipation of catching a glimpse of the Lord of all the earth, my Master and my friend, forever inviting me to come and follow.









Who has helped you see more of the goodness of God?


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Lord, thank you for the people you have put in my life that have shown me something of yourself.



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