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     Winter 2019/2020          









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01 December              11.00am          Souper Sunday – Joint Service in                                                        Carnoustie Church followed by Soup &                                                                   Sandwich lunch in aid of HIV project

05                                2.00pm            Guild Christmas Afternoon Tea - Hall   

08                                9.30am            Toy Gift Service for Angus Women’s Aid

15                                9.30am            Service of Lessons & Carols

                                    7.00pm            Christmas Musicale – Carnoustie Church

22                                9.30am            Family Nativity Service – Retiral Offering                                    for Carnoustie Medical Transport Helpline

24                                6.30pm            Christingle Service – Barry (offering for                                            Cycling Without Age Carnoustie)

                                    11.30pm          Watchnight Service – Carnoustie (offering                                                    for Scottish Bible Society)

25                                10.30am          Joint Christmas Day Service - Carnoustie

29                                10.30am          Joint Family Service – Barry


05 January                  9.30am            Morning Worship

07                                2.00pm            Guild Meeting – Down Memory Lane

12                                9.30am            Morning Worship

19                                9.30am            Morning Worship

26                                9.30am            The Lord’s Supper


02 February                 9.30am            Morning Worship

06                                2.00pm            Guild Meeting – Rev Annette Gordon

09                                9.30am            Morning Worship

16                                9.30am            Morning Worship

22                                10.00am          Guild Coffee Morning – Philip Hall

23                                9.30am            Morning Worship






Who’s who in Barry Parish Church?


Minister                                           Rev Michael Goss 410194


Session Clerk                                Mrs Jan Scott        852884


Treasurer                                       Mr Malcolm Sim    852564


FWO and Gift Aid Organiser        Mr Malcolm Sim    852564                                                        


Roll Keeper                                    Mrs Jan Scott        852884


Organist                                          Mark Spalding                                                                                                                       

Sunday School Superintendent  Rev Michael Goss 410194


Property Convenor                       Mr Edwin Hughes 550593


Mission Partner Correspondent Mr Graham Suttie            


Church Officer                               Mr Iain Ogilvie


Flower Organiser                          Mrs Shirley Murison                                                         410062                    


Child Protection Contact              Evelyn Baker


Life and Work Organiser              Mrs Jan Scott        852884


Newsletter Editor                          Mr Malcolm Sim                852564



Guild Contact                                 Mrs Shirley Murison         410062





Please note that the next edition of the newsletter will be for Spring and will come out for March 2020.                     



Door Duties


01 December             Carnoustie Church

08                                Shirley Murison        Rosemary Docherty

15                                MS                              Mabel Gordon

22                                MS                              Shirley Murison

29                                MS                              David Pattullo

05 January                 MS                              Eddie Hughes

12                                MS                              Jan Scott

19                                MS                              Eileen Ramsay

26                                MS                              Peter Ramsay

02 February               MS                              Rosemary Docherty

09                                MS                              Mabel Gordon

16                                MS                              Shirley Murison

23                                MS                              David Pattullo


Sunday Tea Rotas


Please note that teas are served after 9.30am service (except joint)


01 December             Carnoustie Church

08                                Patricia Pattullo        Heather McKenzie

15                                Alice Hughes             Jan Scott

22                                Eileen Ramsay          Elaine Bottoms

29                                Shirley Murison        Rosemary Docherty

05 January                 Sally McKenzie         Mina Robertson

12                                Patricia Pattullo        Heather McKenzie

19                                Alice Hughes             Jan Scott

26                                Eileen Ramsay          Elaine Bottoms

02 February               Shirley Murison        Rosemary Docherty

09                                Sally McKenzie         Mina Robertson

16                                Patricia Pattullo        Heather McKenzie

23                                Alice Hughes             Jan Scott



Christmas Toy Gift Service – Sunday 8 December


As usual our gifts will be going to Angus Women’s Aid.   Please bring your gifts to the church that day.   Do not wrap your gifts so that AWA staff can allocate to the right child



Advent and Christmas Services in Barry and Carnoustie


Sunday 1st December

11 am        Joint Souper Sunday Service for HIV Project

                   Carnoustie Church followed by lunch in Philip Hall

Sunday 8th December

9.30 am     Toy Gift Service for Angus Women’s Aid

                   Barry Parish Church

11 am        Morning Service

                   Carnoustie Church

Sunday 15th December

9.30 am     Service of Lessons and Carols

                   Barry Parish Church

11 am        Service of Lessons and Carols

                   Carnoustie Church

7 pm          Christmas Musicale – Carnoustie Church

Sunday 22nd December

9.30 am     Family Nativity Service – Barry Parish Church

                   – offering for Carnoustie Medical Transport Helpline

11 am        Family Nativity Service – Carnoustie Church

                   – offering for Carnoustie Medical Transport Helpline

Tuesday 24th December (Christmas Eve)

6.30 pm     Christingle Service – Barry Parish Church

                   – offering for Cycling Without Age Carnoustie

11.30 pm   Watchnight Service – Carnoustie Church

                   – Retiring Offering for Scottish Bible Society

Wednesday 25th December (Christmas Day)

10.30 am   Family Celebration – Joint service in Carnoustie Church

Sunday 29th December 2019

10.30 am   Family Service – Joint service in Barry Parish Church

Sunday 5th January 2020

9.30 am     Morning Service in Barry Parish Church

11 am        Morning Service in the Philip Hall



Congregational Register


“Jesus said, ‘I am the resurrection and the life.  Whoever believes in me shall not perish but have everlasting life.”

24 Oct              John Eldridge                 31 Oct              Edyth Fairle

07 Nov              Pat McLeish                  08 Nov              Michelle Morrison

12 Nov              Eleanor Matthew


Barry Church Website


"Declare His glory among the nations, His marvellous deeds among all peoples." Psalm 96: 3 (NIV)


To make sure you don't miss out on any breaking news from Barry Church visit our website which is updated daily. Click on 'News' for reports and other information about all the latest happenings within the Church locally, nationally and worldwide, and scroll through the 'Calendar' page for details of upcoming services, meetings, social events, fundraisers, etc. Choose 'Church Magazine' to view this newsletter online and among the site's other features is a daily Bible verse with an additional option of listening to a reading of the full chapter for that day.

Praise God! Our website continues to grow in popularity, proving a valuable means of outreach to the parish area and beyond. From January 1 to November 10 this year a total of 1,851,626 page views were registered. The figure for the corresponding period last year was 1,131,579. Have YOU joined our online community yet?


Midweek Focus Bible Study


Our studies in John's Gospel will conclude on December 4. Then, after a break for the Christmas and New Year period, meetings will resume on 8 January 2020 when we will turn our attention to the Old Testament. Ever wonder how God controls this world? How He orchestrates our lives? In the book of Esther, we see that God is in fact in every detail. In his search for a new empress of the Medo-Persian Empire, King Ahasuerus chose the orphan Esther, a young Jew, to be his queen. The true King of the cosmos, however, chose Esther for an even greater role. When evil Haman influenced Ahasuerus to issue an edict ordering the annihilation of all the Jews, God called Esther for “such a time as this” to save her people (Esther 4:14). Join us as we trace through Esther’s story God’s invisible hand, which writes silently across the pages of all human history. Like Esther, learn to live courageously and with hope regardless of your circumstances.

A warm welcome awaits all interested in sharing in these times of midweek fellowship. Meetings are held fortnightly at 21 Barry Road on Wednesdays from 7.30 to 9 pm. Study notes for the current and previous series can be found on the Midweek Focus page of the church website. For further information, contact Graham Suttie on 01241 852614 or email



Thank you for all the used stamps received recently.

The Church of Scotland World Mission Stamp Appeal celebrates its 50th anniversary this year and is supporting a Malawian organisation reaching the same milestone. The 2019 appeal is in aid of the Chigodi Women Training Centre in Blantyre. Run by the Blantyre Synod of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian, this is the only residential training centre for women and girls in southern Malawi. The centre works with disadvantaged and unemployed girls and women, and has previously run programmes in knitting and embroidery, fashion design and tailoring, leadership, gender advocacy and healthcare. Established 50 years ago, it was registered as a women’s rights organisation in 1997.   The project being supported by the stamp appeal will identify 40 vulnerable girls and women and deliver 12 months of hands-on training in tailoring and fashion design. The clothes made will be sold to help generate income for the project and make it sustainable. They will also be taught poultry farming.   The Stamp Appeal was first run in 1969. Since 2003, it has supported a separate project each year, starting with the then-new HIV/AIDS Project. Last year's appeal, for a day care centre for disabled children in the Ukraine, raised nearly £2,500.   How to contribute - You can leave your stamps at the Church door and they will be collected. Thank you for all the used stamps received recently.

Guild News


Guild meetings this session ‘Companions on the Road’   


Many thanks to all who attended our Famous Afternoon Teas and a big thank you to all our members for all their hard work.   Another successful year.


Diary of Events

05 December              Christmas Afternoon Tea & Sales Tables 2 - 4pm

07 January                  Guild Meeting - Down Memory Lane (Members)

06 February                 Guild Meeting – Annette Gordon

22 February                 Guild Coffee Morning – Philip Hall – 10.00am

                                    Donations welcome


Please join us and bring your friends for fellowship.



Good Neighbours Drop-In Cafe


The Good Neighbours Drop-In Cafe held in Barry Church Hall, next opens its doors on Wednesdays November 27 and December 11. Tea/coffee and biscuits only cost £1 and are served from 10 to 11.30 am. There will also be books, home baking and Traidcraft stalls, including special offers on Christmas cards and tree and table decorations. This community venture run by church members provides a welcome meeting place not only for village residents but also for those living at the west end of Carnoustie. All welcome. Come along and bring your friends. Anyone requiring transport or other assistance getting to and from the venue should telephone 01241 852614 or email for more information. Cafe dates for early 2020 are January 15 and 29 and February 12 and 26.



Knitting for Others


The Good Neighbours Drop-In Cafe held in Barry Church Hall, next opens its doors on Wednesdays November 27 and December 11. Tea/coffee and biscuits only cost £1 and are served from 10 to 11.30 am. There will also be books, home baking and Traidcraft stalls, including special offers on Christmas cards and tree and table decorations. This community venture run by church members provides a welcome meeting place not only for village residents but also for those living at the west end of Carnoustie. All welcome. Come along and bring your friends. Anyone requiring transport or other assistance getting to and from the venue should telephone 01241 852614 or email for more information. Cafe dates for early 2020 are January 15 and 29 and February 12 and 26.


Prayer Focus


We offer these thoughts to add to your own prayers;


1. Flood and Fire – Pray for all those who have suffered in the fires in Australia, and the floods in England and other places, that shelter, help and comfort would be given them; remember also the emergency services in their vital work in these situations.

2. Advent and Christmas Services – Pray for people to take advantage of the opportunities to invite family, friends and neighbours to the special services this season, and for visitors to find welcome and to receive the Good News of a Saviour born for them.

3. People on their own – Remember all those who live on their own, especially those without family at Christmas; pray and act for a friendly presence in their lives.


Coming Up

Prayer Meetings Mondays 10 - 11 am in the Duthie Room

Sun 1st Dec                   Souper Sunday – Joint Service

                                    11 am               Carnoustie Church

Mon 2nd Dec                  Carnoustie Churches Youth Mission

                                    7.30 pm            Philip Hall

Thurs 5th Dec                 Guild Christmas Afternoon Teas

                                    2 – 4pm            Barry Church Hall

Fri 6th Dec                     Christmas Coffee Break

                                    10-11.30 am      Philip Hall

Mon 9th Dec                   Mission & Outreach Team Open Meeting

                                    7.30 pm            Philip Hall

Tues 10th Dec                Kirk Session

                                    2 pm                Barry Church Hall

Wed 11th Dec                 Guid Neighbours Drop-in Café

                                    10-11.30 am      Barry Church Hall

Thurs 12th Dec               Afternoon Service

                                    3 pm                 Braehill Lodge

Sat 28th – Sat 4th Jan      Minister’s Holiday

Mon 13th Jan                  Church Life & Worship Team

                                    7.30 pm            Philip Hall

Wed 15th Jan                 Afternoon Service

                                    2.30 pm            Willowbank

Fri 17th Jan                    Friday Coffee Break

                                    10-11.30 am      Philip Hall

Fri 17th Jan                    Games / Soup & Pudding Night

                                    7.30 pm            Philip Hall

Mon 20th Jan                  Path of Renewal Group

                                    7.30 pm            Manse

Wed 29th Jan                 Afternoon Communion

                                    3.30pm             Brookfield RH   

Fri 7th Feb                      Friday Coffee Break

                                    10-11.30 am      Philip Hall

Mon 10th Feb                 Mission & Outreach Team

                                    7.30 pm            Philip Hall

Fri 21st Feb                    Friday Coffee Break

                                    10-11.30 am      Philip Hall


From the Minister’s Desk

“Therefore hear the word of the Lord, you scoffers who rule this people in Jerusalem.  You boast, “We have entered into a covenant with death, with the realm of the dead we have made an agreement.  When an overwhelming scourge sweeps by, it cannot touch us, for we have made a lie our refuge and falsehood our hiding place.”

Isaiah 28: 14-15

Dear Friends,

As another year draws to a close, we wonder what the future holds: sadly, we don’t have 2020 vision (sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun!).  Yet even December will see challenge and change for our nation, with the General Election taking place on the 12th of this month.

It is not my place to comment here on the relative merits of the policies of the various parties.   I am frustrated, however, by the low level to which political discourse seems to have sunk.  The old joke, “How can you tell when a politician is lying – when their lips are moving” no longer seems funny.

We must remember that there are many candidates for all the parties who do so out of honest conviction and the deep desire to seek what is best for the nation.  Many also who are women and men of integrity, seeking to speak with truth and honesty at all times.

Sadly, this has been undermined by some of the central figures in some of our parties having an extremely loose association with the truth.  Creating false images and branding, saying things that are demonstrably untrue feeds the narrative that all politicians are corrupt and that we cannot expect honesty in elections.

That is corrosive for trust in our governments.  It is important that Christians make a stand for truth in the nation.  We need to demonstrate that honesty and integrity are values worth pursuing; we need to hold those who seek high office in the land to account.

All these matters are in our consideration as we enter the season of Advent and Christmas, with our hopes pinned on the Prince of Peace, the One who said, ‘I am the Way, the Truth and the Life’.  It is this Jesus, more than any politicians, in Whom we place our trust.  It is He who can direct our paths and offer real hope and a lasting vision for our nation, and for His Church.


Yours in the Grace and Peace of our Risen Lord, Jesus Christ.

Mike Goss


Finance Statement


Balance per Statement at 31/12/18                                        £3,350.27                               

Income                                                                                    £23,996.87

Expenditure                                                                             £26,326.55


Balance in Bank at 01 November 2019                              £1,020.59


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to the financial well-being of the church.   Your help is invaluable in keeping us afloat.   Every year we seem to fly by the seat of our pants but always just make it.   It is, however, becoming harder and harder to square the books and meet our commitments.   Despite the harsher financial conditions on everyone these days I am hoping that everyone can spare a little bit more for the church.   The Session members are trying out various ideas to raise much needed income, such as the concert on May but as a small congregation we are limited to what we can do.


Kind regards and best wishes for the festive season.

Malcolm Sim - Treasurer



Flower Calendar


01 December  Christmas                   08 December  Christmas

15 December  Christmas                   22 December  Christmas

29 December  Christmas                   05 January      Christmas           

12 January      Graham Suttie             19 January      Graham Suttie

26 January                                          02 February

09 February     Pauline Suttie              16 February     Pauline Suttie

23 February     Isobel Jamieson          01 March         Isobel Jamieson


Anyone wishing to put flowers in the church should put their name on the flower calendar at church door or speak to Shirley Murison.         


Cleaning Rota


December                  Shirley Murison, Mina Robertson

January                      Grace Byars, Sylvia Knowles, Malcolm Sim

February                    Patricia Pattullo, Heather & Hugh McKenzie





We have registered the church with Amazon Smile.   For those buying through Amazon, by going to and making your purchases, you can benefit the church financially as a small percentage will come back to the church via Amazon.

When going to the website put Barry in the search box and tick Barry Parish Church.

Every little bit helps.   Please speak with Malcolm Sim if you require any further information.


Worship Rotas


Date                            Reading                     Prayers1                     Prayers2


01 December              Graham                       Jan

08                                Iain

15                                Malcolm                                                           Graham

22                                Jan

24                                Shirley

25                                Elaine

29                                Graham

05 January                  Malcolm

12                                Jan                                                                  Jan

19                                Iain

26                                Shirley                         Jan

02 February                 Elaine                                                              Graham

09                                Graham

16                                Malcolm

23                                Jan                                                                  Jan

01 March                     Iain


Big Date for Diary


Saturday 16 May 2020 – Angus Strathspey & Fiddle Society and

Guest Singer.

Barry Church – cost £10.00 per ticket including refreshments.



The Minister, elders, members and the Guild wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.














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