Summer 2020





Summer 2020







Charity No: SC002545



Who is who in Barry Parish Church?


Minister                                           Rev Michael Goss      410194


Session Clerk                                Mrs Jan Scott              852884


Treasurer                                       Mr Malcolm Sim           852564


FWO and Gift Aid Organiser        Mr Malcolm Sim           852564                                                        


Roll Keeper                                    Mrs Jan Scott              852884


Organist                                         Mark Spalding                                                                                                                                  

Sunday School Superintendent  Rev Michael Goss      410194


Property Convenor                       Mr Edwin Hughes       550593


Mission Partner Correspondent Mr Graham Suttie                   


Church Officer                               Mr Iain Ogilvie


Flower Organiser                          Mrs Shirley Murison   410062                                                        


Child Protection Contact              Evelyn Baker


Life and Work Organiser              Mrs Rosemary Docherty


Newsletter Editor                          Mr Malcolm Sim                852564



Guild Contact                               Mrs Shirley Murison      410062




Carnoustie Community Support Line


Open 10am – 12noon, 2pm – 4pm, 6pm – 8pm


Monday – Friday


01241 797072



Name the Town Quiz



Common the Wombles tidied



Build up the fire



New town with concrete cows



Famous for its steel



Footwear for rainy weather



League or Union



Famous bomber



Of tea party fame



You need it to breathe



Heart of a candle



Painted the blue boy



Gracie Fields birthplace



Hero in jane Eyre



Mint cake



Most easterly town in England



Cook superbly



No secondhand goods here



Created a rock



Not a woman’s meadow



Recently built pier



Sheepish way through



Dark paddling spot



Place for cattle to cross



She is better now



Replacement for Noah’s boat



Needed to unlock a hill



Almost a gallop to the grave



More than distant 3



Name of a man or a woman



He looks after the salmon



Hot wheels



Lately of the buccal cavity



No showers here



Sounds like dog controllers



Do lorry drivers come here for chocolate



Exploding sausage



Creepy ………….



Library exercise



Famous for its pattern






Lorraine Chase’s airport



She leaves



Water holes



Rodents den



Into the sunset on the best horse






Answers in next edition


               1                   Mrs Susan McKenzie

               4                   John Christie



Giving to the Church

We want to start with a huge Thank you.

Many of our members give to the Church by Standing Order, and these gifts continue to arrive in the Church bank account.  Thank you so much!  For many who usually put their envelopes in the plate, they may well be simply setting their usual envelopes aside each week or each month to bring once services are able to resume in the Church.  Again, a big Thank you to you for your thoughtful and prayerful remembrance of the Kirk.

Some of you will have found your income being reduced as a result of changes to your circumstances caused by the national lockdown or other effects of the Covid 19 outbreak.  Please be assured that we will understand if that impacts on your ability to continue to support the Church. Thank you for all that you can contribute, and for your continued prayers.

All this is vital, because the bills continue to arrive as well – for insurance, for maintenance, and for other regular costs.  A major part of this is the Ministries and Mission Contributions paid into the central funds of the Church – more than 80% of which is used to pay the stipends and salaries of Ministers, Deacons and other local Church workers all over the country.

Currently we have no income from Hall lets, and nothing collected on a Sunday morning either. 

We have been able to ask our Organists/Choir Directors and Hall Keeper to go on Furlough, which means that for now we plan to claim back 80% of their salaries while Churches and Halls are closed.  We are continuing to pay the full salaries and will apply for the 80% Grant from the Government when applications open later this month.

Nationally, the Church of Scotland offices have been closed, and many of the office staff have been put on Furlough, along with a lot of Church workers employed centrally but normally working in local parishes all over Scotland.  This action has been taken in the knowledge that many congregations will be hit extremely hard financially, with loss of Hall rents and other income, and potential reductions in giving as people have their pay reduced or are made redundant.

We do not want to add to the pressures many are facing, but for those who can and who wish to add to their financial support of the Church, may we encourage you to give through Standing Order; details are below.  If that is not so easy for you, then please set aside your gift each week or month for the work of the Church.  Remember, if you are a UK Taxpayer, we will be able to reclaim the tax on your gift if you sign a Gift Aid Declaration form.

Above all we covet your prayers for the life of the Church and for the well-being of our Nation.

Minister and Treasurer


Reports from the Church of Scotland 2020


The General Assembly 2020 has not taken place, but the Trustees of the Church of Scotland (CofS) felt it was important to share the reports that would have been read out and discussed, so an on-line session was set up so that the reports could be given to the ‘virtual audience’. This took place on Friday 22nd May and 1000 places were available to be in the audience.                                                                                                                                                      The speakers were Martin Fair, installed in mid-May as Moderator of the Church of Scotland 2020 - 2021; John Chalmers, Convenor of the Assembly Trustees; Dave Kendall, Chief Officer and Raymond Young, Chairperson of the General Trustees.                                                          Their presentations covered many areas of church life, not least the impact of coronavirus.

It is well accepted that the coronavirus situation will not resolve quickly and ‘normal’ life as we knew it before the lockdown will probably look different in the future. Some of the changes we see may feel like losses in so many ways.                                                                                    However, we can use this positively as an impetus for radical change in aspects of church life, including Information Technology, Finance, Property and Ecology.  The title given to the vision for the CofS is The Radical Plan – which has been amended in the light of coronavirus.

The importance of face to face meeting with others in congregations is not questioned.                                                                                        Churches have made great use of Internet Technology (IT) over the lockdown, as we are unable to physically worship together, with broadcasting of services and virtual meetings (including Kirk Sessions, Guilds and Trustees), using internet and/or telephone connections, so a computer or tablet is not necessarily needed.

On-line services are attracting people who do not normally attend services to be part of the Worship community, but many members do not use IT and they are all missed!                    The on-line presence is expected to continue in some form once churches can open again, in addition to socially distanced gatherings of people.

Congregations are tasked with reviewing spending to minimise costs and maximise cash flow. There is a significant drop in income from offerings, hall lets and CofS investments etc over the lockdown and there has been a deficit in CofS income in each of the last five years. CofS headquarters, in a prime site in Edinburgh, may relocate, but at present there is a drop in the market value of the site.                                                                                                              If you would like to discuss how you can support the work of the church financially during lockdown, please contact Malcolm Sim, our Treasurer.                                                                 

People become emotionally attached to church buildings and the topic has been referred to as ‘the elephant in the room’ as there is often great reluctance to dispose of them. Is the building a historical monument or a current asset? A difficult question for many.                                                                                                                                                           CofS has sold off many of its investments in fossil fuels and is looking to encourage the use of renewable energy sources.

There is much tradition and custom in CofS. The phrase ‘So heavenly minded – no earthly use’ keeps us thinking of practical ways to deal with issues and upholding the Faith Nurture and Faith Impact principles.

If you would like to watch the full meeting, go to and look for ‘Assembly Trustees seminar’.


Stay in touch and Stay safe!


 Congregational Register



“Jesus said, ‘I am the resurrection and the life.  Whoever believes in me shall not perish but have everlasting life.”

Apr          15                 Mrs Nancy Linton                 *

May         1                   Mrs Susan McKenzie

               4                   John Christie

Barry Church Website


"Declare His glory among the nations, His marvellous deeds among all peoples." Psalm 96: 3 (NIV)


To make sure you don't miss out on any breaking news from Barry Church visit our website which is updated daily. Click on 'News' for reports and other information about all the latest happenings within the Church locally, nationally and worldwide, and scroll through the 'Calendar' page for details of upcoming services, meetings, social events, fundraisers, etc. Choose 'Church Magazine' to view this newsletter online and among the site's other features is a daily Bible verse with an additional option of listening to a reading of the full chapter for that day.

Praise God! Our website continues to grow in popularity, proving a valuable means of outreach to the parish area and beyond. From January 1 to May 20 this year a total of 908,768-page views were registered. The figure for the corresponding period last year was 622,582. Have YOU joined our online community yet?


Prayer Focus


We offer these thoughts to add to your own prayers.


1. Key workers – Continue to remember all working in health and care services, with those essential for our daily lives from bin-men, food producers, suppliers and shop-workers, to funeral directors and many others.

2. Moderator – Pray for Rt Rev Dr Martin Fair, installed as Moderator of the General Assembly at an online ceremony in May, as he seeks to provide leadership and support for the Church in the world today.

3. India and Bangladesh – Pray for all who have suffered from recent cyclones in both the Bay of Bengal and the Mumbai areas, especially the many from poor communities and particularly remembering the Rohingya people in Bangladesh


Finance Statement


Balance per Statement at 31/12/19                                        £3,345.90                               

Income                                                                                    £9,389.51

Expenditure                                                                             £11,355.56


Balance in Bank at 1 June 2020                                          £1,379.85


Obviously, during these strange times, our finances are being stretched.


We are checking all avenues for grants etc. but these are not a given.  We thank all members who have continued to contribute to the church finances through their payments through the bank and to those who have contacted me with their envelopes.


Anybody who has not managed to pass on their contributions and would like to, the following options are available to you.


  1. Standing Order – contact me by phone / email and I will arrange to give you a standing order form to make payment through your bank.
  2. Bank Transfer – contact me phone / email and I will arrange to give you our banking details
  3. Freewill Offering Envelopes – anyone who gives to the church, normally through the open plate, can contact me to arrange for a supply of FWO envelopes so that they can put aside their normal giving and I can make arrangements to collect these (making sure that social distancing is in place).   If you already have envelopes and wish them to be collected please contact me to arrange.


I can be contacted on 01241 852564 or 07794081285 and


I look forward to hearing from you soon. Help us keep our beautiful church open.


Church Services


Please remember that services are online on Facebook at 10.30am on Sundays.   Join the online family if you are able.







This year the Church of Scotland World Mission Stamp Project proceeds will benefit The Women’s Development Centre (WDC) in Kandy, Sri Lanka which runs a project to support women and girls who have been victims of rape and sexual violence.

The WDC gives these women somewhere to stay, and supports them in caring for their children, helps them return to education if they wish, and trains them in skills they can use to make a living when they leave. The WDC has a social enterprise and café where the women can work and sell their hand-made products.

The team at WDC care for and heal girls who are vulnerable and often discarded by their families. It is impossible not to be moved by what they do. Help support them by collecting used stamps which are then sold on.

How to contribute

You can give your stamps to Graham Suttie or leave them at the Church door once services resume. Thank you for all the used stamps received recently.


Guild News


Guild meetings this session ‘Companions on the Road’  


It is hoped that after the lockdown has been eased that we will be able to resume Guild meetings from Tuesday 3rd September at 2pm in the Church Hall when everyone will be most welcome taking social distancing into account.


We have carried out some forward planning and have some speakers already delighted to attend and give talks when the new normal arrives.


Our first speaker on 3rd September, will be Rev Mike Goss with the Dedication Service taking place on Sunday 6 September at 9.30am.   On 1st October we welcome Robert Murray – The Grocerman.


Please remember that all the above is subject to easing of the lockdown rules.


Please join us and bring your friends for fellowship.



We have registered the church with Amazon Smile.   For those buying through Amazon, by going to and making your purchases, you can benefit the church financially as a small percentage will come back to the church via Amazon.

When going to the website put Barry in the search box and tick Barry Parish Church.

Every little bit helps.   Please speak with Malcolm Sim if you require any further information.



Prayers of thanksgiving and intercession


For the health workers tending the seriously ill

for the scientists working on a vaccination 

for the researchers analysing data and identifying trends

for the media outlets working to communicate reality

for the supermarket workers, hygiene and sanitation providers

for the good news stories of recoveries and effective planning

for the singing from balconies by locked-down communities

for the recognition that isolation does not need to mean loneliness

for the notes through letterboxes offering help and support 

for the internet and telephones and technology that connects

for the awakened appreciation of what is enormously important

Thanks be to God.


For those who are unwell and concerned for loved ones

for those who were already very anxious

for those immune suppressed or compromised

for those vulnerable because of underlying conditions

for those in the ‘most at risk to coronavirus’ categories

for those watching their entire income stream dry up

for those who have no choice but to go out to work

for those who are afraid to be at home 

for those who are lonelier than they have ever been

for those who are bereaved and grieving.

God be their healer, comfort and protection,

be their strength, shield and provision

be their security, safety and close companion

And raise up your Church

to be your well-washed hands and faithful feet 

to be present to the pain

to respond with love in action

if even from a safe distance.


God, in your mercy,

Hear our prayer





A prayer for medical workers everywhere


Restoring and healing God,

thank you for medical workers everywhere,

embodying sacrificial love in these challenging times

putting the welfare of others before their own

staying away from their family and loved ones

comforting the concerned and bereaved

reassuring the anxious and vulnerable

working to heal and restore people who are ill.

Be their guide, strength, wisdom and hope.


We pray for those in authority to do right by them

for proper protective equipment to be provided

and for their dedication to be met with much gratitude

and appreciation when they return home, exhausted.

And we pray for medical workers around the world,

where resources and protective equipment

are always in short supply, not only now but always.


May these extraordinary times lead to deep and necessary changes in how our world works, resulting in a genuine effort to address the profound injustice of life expectancy being determined by geography, to awaken us all to the reality of how connected we all are and to work together to create the community and world we all want to be part of.


So, help us, God,






From the Minister’s Desk


“We are God’s fellow-workers; you are God’s field, God’s building… Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in you?”

1 Corinthians 3: 9,16

Dear Friends,

Our last edition of the newsletter came out before the Covid 19 lockdown took place and it seems like a different world.  We are using the postal service on this occasion to make sure that we can safely communicate with our members, especially those who do not have access to the internet.

Indeed, online connections have been the best way to stay in touch with our congregation and our community in these times.  Elders have been asked to keep in touch with their districts by phone, but we have been able to stream live broadcasts of Church services on the Carnoustie Church Facebook, with links from the Barry Parish Church website available afterwards.

Other events have also been streamed – Holy Week reflections, afternoon and evening prayers for Thy Kingdom Come during the Ascension to Pentecost period, and the bellringing on Thursday evenings for carers.  This has helped to remind the wider community that although our buildings are closed, the Church remains open to all.

I am writing just as the first phase of moving out of lockdown has begun.  We can meet up with a few family or friends outside and take part in some outdoor sports like golf and dinghy sailing.  It is a long road to go, but a start has been made.

All our church buildings remain closed for the meantime.  In the next phase in some weeks’ time, we may be able to open the churches for private prayer only, but we will have to wait and see what might be appropriate.

When Phase 3 is confirmed, hopefully during July or August, “places of worship can be opened to extended groups subject to physical distancing and hygiene safeguards”.  We will also be able to conduct weddings and funerals “beyond close family”.

What our Church services will look like by then is still being worked on.  We can expect smaller congregations, as some people will still be in vulnerable categories.  Many pews will be closed off so that physical distancing can be maintained.  Gathering socially before or after the service will not be possible.



From the Minister’s Desk (cont.)


Other changes will also be in place.  Our Sunday online congregations currently include many who do not normally attend church services, and some who will not be able to return for several months to come.  We will need to continue to provide online services, either by live broadcasting of the Sunday service or by producing a shorter direct service at a different time.

Guidelines on the gradual future reopening of Church buildings for worship are being worked on by the national officers of the Church of Scotland.  In the meantime, we will continue to provide online services at 10.30 am on Sunday mornings.  These will be continuing to be broadcast live through Facebook and be made available through the Carnoustie Church and Barry Parish Church websites.

The Kirk Sessions are continuing to meet through online facilities (using Zoom); Elders are keeping contact with their district via phone and other means, and Prayer Meetings and Study Groups are also continuing online.

I have been encouraged by the numbers who have been tuning in to our services live, and many more who have caught up later.  While not all our members have been able to connect in this way, others from outside our regular Sunday congregations have been joining us.

In our lockdown situation we have been finding – like many congregations all over the UK and further – that the opportunities for sharing the Good News have increased.  The Church buildings are closed, but the Church – the people of God – are more open than ever!

Yet the Church primarily grows through physical relationships, and we long to be able to be back together with one another once more.  It is a longing that Christians who have faced oppression have faced throughout the centuries and we see it in the letters of Paul in the Bible.


So, technology is not the ideal means of connecting.  But it is the means that we have for these days, and we are grateful to God for the ability to communicate with each other through modern media.  Longing for the time when we can be back together again, let us encourage each other through prayer, worship and witness in our daily lives.

Yours in the Grace and Peace of our Risen Lord Jesus Christ.

Mike Goss











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