5th March 2019

Catching The Wave


Every day we want to be praying for  revival in this area. The prayer below  expresses the idea:



‘Lord we ask that you would act not according to the poverty of what we are, or believe, but according to the greatness of who you are and what you can do.’




So each day during these 40 Days  there is an item to pray called  ‘pray for revival.’ That’s where you  can pray this kind of big prayer.




But what is revival?



Revival is an intensifying of God’s work.  It is an activity of the Holy Spirit deepening people’s commitment and bringing an awareness of eternity. Christ’s message is heard and believed. Historically it has affected large numbers of people and transformed communities. People have described it as 'communities saturated with the presence of God.'





Imagine what would happen if thousands of people were praying every day for 40 days and hundreds of churches united in asking God for his will to be done.

Imagine whole communities becoming saturated with the presence of God and people forsaking what is wrong, experiencing his love and finding Christ every day.

Imagine people becoming interested in the message of Christ and widespread social change as people live in hope instead of despair.

Imagine discovering God to be near; answers to prayer becoming common place and church becoming truly glorious.

Imagine... Revival





40 Days is a united concert of prayer asking God a new wave of revival. Individuals, house groups, churches, towns and cities are using this to pray together.


Besides having different topics though each week it has a daily emphasis of praying for your ‘Big Issue’, your ‘3 Friends’ and to ‘Catch the Wave’.   It also incorporates a study guide with material relating to each of the weekly topics.


The Guide is designed to be used over 40 days. The first ‘week’ contains only 4 ‘days’ to fit into the church calendar for Lent. Obviously it can be used at other times but bear this in mind. The rest of the weeks have 6 articles and a rest day on Sundays which gives an opportunity to reflect and catch up.


This can be seen as a prayer journey. What is important is that you meet with God, not that you rush through this guide!


Jesus encourages us, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you (Luke 11:9).


For more information and to share answers to prayer please contact us on office@trypraying.co.uk <mailto:office@trypraying.co.uk?subject=40%20Days%20Email%20Contact> .



My Three Friends


During these 40 Days you are encouraged to pray for people to become Christians. When someone comes to Christ usually someone has been praying for them.

Choose three ‘friends’. These should be people you know who do not know the Lord, or who are not walking with him at present. They could be members of your family, neighbours, colleagues, friends or contacts


*    Pray for each person specifically. Pray for their personal needs. Try to look at life from their standpoint. What are the worries and joys, pressures and decisions, dreams and fears that they face? Pray for those things.

*    Pray about their spiritual life. What are the things that keep them from God? Pray that God would soften their hearts and bring them to faith in Christ.

*    If you are doing this as a group or with a friend pray for their three friends also. Pray that the Lord would give opportunities to share something of His love with them.

*    Believe that these three people will change during the 40 days of prayer.



My Big Issue


If there is one thing that you want God to do during these 40 Days, what is it? What situation, person or trial is there in which you want to ask God to intervene? This period is a special opportunity for you to bring this need to God every day.

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