24th March 2019

     Here’s the day off for week three. Stop and take a break. Are you finding this hard? Do you think you can do one more week?


James Corbett, world heavyweight boxing champion in the 1890s, said: “To become  a champion, fight one more round.”


This last week was all about living in need. Is there anything you would like to  do as a result of this week?





Here are some suggestions:


*    Maybe you have a ‘poverty spirit’.  Then how about doing something nice for yourself and telling yourself you are worth it!

*    How about making a special gift to someone just to surprise them. Tell them they are worth it!

*    If you are talking with someone who expresses a need about something this week, why not offer to pray with them (or for them). Most people respond positively when someone offers to do this.



Yorkshire 1860


In the 1860s over a million people were added to the church. Here’s an example of what was happening in one city:“There were united daily prayer meetings in the port city of Kingston upon Hull, supported by the established church and the dissenting denominations. Numbers of people were unable to gain an entrance to the central meetings, and so, many places of worship were opened each evening for prayer. A monthly united prayer meeting attracted more than 3000. As usual a rising tide of evangelism followed, and campaigns were still crowding halls in 1865 to excess, necessitating the hiring of the circus, at which ministers of different denominations preached. Other very successful campaigns were carried on throughout the year 1865.”


Taken from the Second Evangelical awakening in Britain by J Edwin orr

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