10th March 2019

Mmmm have a break. Time to catch up.


You can do this 40 Day journey but you  need a short break – so here it is. We’ve  put one day a week just so you can have a break from your ‘fast’. It’s the Lord’s day.


Stop and have a think. How are you getting  on? Is there anything that has worked well for you? Is there something that has not worked for you? If so do you want to change what you do next week?





This week has been about God as father:


*    What about writing to your father or mother to tell them you are grateful for them or thankful for something they have done for you. It need only be a short note. They will appreciate it. Or if you are a parent, why not write to your children and tell them you think they are great.


*    Talk with a friend sometime this week about what’s good about fatherhood.



Hebrides 1949-53


In revival, God moves in the district. Suddenly, the community becomes God conscious. The Spirit of God grips men and women in such a way that even work is given up as people give themselves to waiting upon God. In the midst of the Lewis awakening, the parish minister at Barvas wrote, “The Spirit of the Lord was resting wonderfully on the different townships of the region. His Presence was in the homes of the people, on meadow and moorland, and even on the public roads.” This presence of God is the supreme characteristic of a God-sent revival. Of the hundreds who found Jesus Christ during this time fully seventy-five per cent were saved before they came near a meeting or heard a sermon by myself or any other ministers in the parish. The power of God, the Spirit of God, was moving in operation, and the fear of God gripped the souls of men - this is God-sent revival as distinct from special efforts in the field of evangelism. (Duncan Campbell of the Hebridean revival).

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