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Monday 1st July 201910:00Prayer Group Philip Hall Duthie Room
13:45Knitting For Others Sorry cancelled today, resumes July8
19:30Church Life&Worship Team Philip Hall Duthie Room
Thursday 4th July 201919:30Midweek Focus Bible Study 21 Barry Road John 13: 18-30
The account of Judas and the Last Supper reveals something magnificent about our Savior. Because of His great compassion, Jesus was able to accept Judas despite Judas’ sin. In this study, we’ll take a closer look at Jesus’ ability to accept others and use His example to measure our A.Q.—our “acceptance quotient.” Chuck Swindoll defines “acceptance quotient” as our ability to receive another person without restrictions of prejudice or requirements of performance. Just as an I.Q. test measures our minds, an A.Q. test measures our attitude and openness toward others. Acceptance doesn’t nullify discernment; we need to see people for who they really are. And it doesn’t deny depravity; we all have a sin nature. But it does allow for maximum freedom and individuality. With a high A.Q., we can accept people as they are, and, at the same time, speak the truth to them—just as Jesus accepted Judas and spoke the truth to him. Accepting a person like Judas, who was caught up in the most heinous forms of greed and guile, would go against our most basic impulses to fight back or run from people who threaten us. Relating to a Judas would put our acceptance ability to its greatest test. Can we truly love our enemies? Thankfully, there’s no better person to help raise our A.Q. than Jesus, who, with a heart of pure acceptance, loved His disciple-turned-betrayer to the end.
Sunday 7th July 201910:00Joint Communion Service Barry Parish Church All welcome
Monday 8th July 201910:00Prayer Group Philip Hall Duthie Room
13:45Knitting For Others Barry Church Hall All welcome
Wednesday 10th July 201910:00Good Neighbours Drop-In Cafe Barry Church Hall All welcome
The Good Neighbours Drop-In Cafe, which meets in Barry Church Hall, next opens its doors on Wednesday morning, July 10. Tea/coffee and biscuits only cost £1 and are served from 10 to 11.30 am. There will also be books, home baking and Traidcraft stalls with all proceeds going to church funds. This community venture run by Barry Church members provides a welcome meeting place not only for village residents but also for those living at the west end of Carnoustie. All welcome. Come along and bring your friends. Anyone requiring transport or other assistance getting to and from the venue should telephone 01241 852614 or email for more information.
Thursday 11th July 201919:30Midweek Focus Bible Study 21 Barry Road John 13: 31-38
The quality that distinctively sets apart believers as followers of Jesus is not a pithy bumper sticker or a fish emblem dangling from a necklace or a gilded dove pinned on the lapel. These are only symbols of our faith. The true mark of a Christian is love. Arthur Pink, in his commentary on John, said it well: Love is the badge of Christian discipleship. It is not knowledge, nor orthodoxy, nor fleshly activities, but (supremely) love which identifies a follower of the Lord Jesus. As the disciples of the Pharisees were known by their phylacteries, as the disciples of John were known by their baptism, and every school by its particular shibboleth, so the mark of a true Christian is love; and that, a genuine, active love, not in words but in deeds. In John 13, Jesus gave His eleven true disciples a mandate that added a new dimension to the meaning of love. And this new dimension not only changes lives but, in a compelling way, shows the world we belong to Jesus.
Sunday 14th July 201910:00Joint Morning Worship Barry Parish Church All welcome
Monday 15th July 201910:00Prayer Group Philip Hall Duthie Room
13:45Knitting For Others Sorry cancelled today, resumes July 22
Members of the Knitting For Others group, which meets in Barry Church hall on Monday afternoons from 1.45 to 3.30 pm, are about to embark on a new challenge. In addition to regularly producing knitted goods for dispatch to Malawi, Rwanda, Kenya and Haiti among other overseas countries, the members are now putting their knitting skills to work in response to a Church of Scotland Guild project supporting the Sailor's Society and they would like to enlist the help of other keen knitters in the local community. Each year more and more volunteers are needed to knit thousands of woolly hats and other items for seafarers who endure hazardous storms and icy weather. Through the Sailor's Society, an international network of port chaplains and ship visitors give out hats to seafarers visiting port, while others are wrapped and included in Christmas welfare parcels that are taken on board ship for the festive season. The need for more hats is ever-increasing! One port chaplain in Invergordon, has been known to give out 500 in a day on occasion! For a seafarer who has been away from home for months on end, a hat is a simple but priceless and much needed gift. It tells them that they have not been forgotten and that someone cares about them. We rely on the 1.5million seafarers around the world who transport over 90% of the world trade by sea. The gift of a woolly hat is a great practical way to give a gift back. Other knitted items given to seafarers are neck warmers, balaclavas and fingerless mittens. Patterns for all these are available from the Knitting For Others group on Monday afternoons. For more information, telephone 07599 182418.
Thursday 18th July 201919:30Midweek Focus Bible Study 21 Barry Road John 14: 1-24
The disciples’ hearts were troubled . . . understandably so! Jesus had just told them He would remain with them only a little while longer and that where He was going, they could not follow (John 13:33). Worrisome questions swirled through their minds: Where is He going? Why can’t we follow? What are we to do now? For about three years, they had devoted their lives to following Jesus. They had abandoned their jobs and left their families when He had said to them, “Follow me” (1:43), and now He said they couldn’t follow Him? The next words from Jesus must have sent shivers up their spines. Upon hearing Peter’s bold pledge of loyalty, Jesus predicted Peter would deny Him—not once but three times (13:36–38)! If the bravest among them was going to break under pressure, what would be their fate? Sensing the troubled hearts within His disciples, Jesus calmed the men with tranquil words that turned their thoughts toward a place of safety and love— the presence of God in His heavenly home. Let’s take a deeper look at Jesus’ words and discover six consoling truths that we can apply to our troubled hearts.
Sunday 21st July 201910:00Joint Morning Worship Barry Parish Church All welcome
Monday 22nd July 201913:45Knitting For Others Barry Church Hall All welcome
Thursday 25th July 201914:00Guild Afternoon Tea Barry Church Hall All welcome
19:30Midweek Focus Bible Study 21 Barry Road John 14: 25-31
Sunday 28th July 201910:00Joint Morning Worship Carnoustie Church All welcome
18:30Monthly Songs of Praise Barry Church Hall All welcome
Do you enjoy a good sing? Then why not come and join us for the monthly summer songs of praise evening in Barry Church Hall, Main Street Barry, this Sunday, July 28, at 6.30 pm? All are welcome, so come along and bring your friends. Access to the church hall will be by way of the ramped entrance to the rear of the main church building. Tea/coffee and biscuits will be served at the close.
Monday 29th July 201910:00Prayer Group Philip Hall Duthie Room
13:45Knitting For Others Sorry cancelled today, resumes August 5
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