24th December 2021

SAT-7 Advent Prayer Day 24







Born and raised in Bethlehem, Grace calls 

herself a “true Bethlehemite.” She teaches 

at Bethlehem Bible College and serves her 

local church. Faced with the sad reality that 

the Holy Land’s Christian population has 

fallen to just one per cent, Grace is filled with 

the hope that Jesus will one day restore His 

Church in the region:

I find it fascinating that the Christmas story 

took place in my precious home town. Today 

in Bethlehem, as Christianity continues to 

dwindle here, we continue to trust that the Lord will not 

leave Himself without a witness in this land. 

This year, my little niece will play the role of Mary, 

mother of Jesus, in our church’s nativity play. As we 

watch the other children join her as shepherds, wise 

men and angels, our hearts will be strengthened to 

know that Christianity still remains the heartbeat of this 

region, despite its decreasing percentage. May these 

little hearts taking part in the Christmas play help us 

understand the depth and width of God’s love to 

humanity in sending Jesus as a newborn baby, God 

in flesh, to dwell in our midst.

As we await a brighter future for all Christians of the 

Middle East, where we can live in peace and dignity, 

we are reminded through the Christmas story that He 

promises never to leave us. Creation groans around 

us, but we will continue to have faith and live our 

Christianity the way Jesus has taught us: prayerfully, 

humbly, passionately, and lovingly. We know that He 

is not slow to answer our prayers – that ultimately His 

church will draw closer to Him. 

May this time of Advent be a time of waiting to see 

the Lord’s promises fulfilled. May all eyes turn to Him. 

May Christians in their different contexts continue to 

be a living witness to our faith in this very land where 

Christianity was birthed in the form of a babe: “O 

come let us adore Him.”



Thank God for Grace and Christians like her in 

Bethlehem, and ask God to bless them and their 

church activities this Christmas. 


Pray that the Church will grow and flourish in the 

Middle East. Praise God that SAT-7 is part of this 



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