23rd December 2021

Bible Society: Advent Encounter Day 23


Dear Graham


Welcome to Day 23 of The Advent Encounter! Today’s theme is peace in times of turmoil.


Start your day with a short video <https://biblesociety.cmail19.com/t/r-l-trityujt-bzhjlullr-y/>  from Martha Flavell of Open the Book. Martha is reflecting on Daniel 10.19 and considering the strength and peace that Daniel received from God in a time when he was filled with uncertainty.


Make some space for yourself today, away from the shopping, decorating and wrapping. Bring Jesus into the space with you and thank the Lord that he is steadfast in his love for you, no matter how busy you are or distant you feel.


Get started <https://biblesociety.cmail19.com/t/r-l-trityujt-bzhjlullr-j/


I hope Day 23 of The Advent Encounter <https://biblesociety.cmail19.com/t/r-l-trityujt-bzhjlullr-t/>  has filled you with peace.


God bless


Abbie Doyle

Campaigns Team


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