4th February 2018 2018

February Theme: Health & Wellbeing


I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10


How can we Get It Right for our children & young people?

"We all want our children and young people to be fully supported as they grow up from birth, through to childhood and adolescence.


Some may experience temporary difficulties, some may live with challenges, and some may experience more complex issues; and sometimes a child and their families are going to need help and support.

So what is Getting It Right For Every Child (GIRFEC) and how will it help the church to continue to support and nurture the children, young people and families in our communities?

GIRFEC is a national approach to supporting and working with all children and young people in Scotland, to make Scotland the #bestplacetogrowup. To achieve this we require a positive culture towards children, and fundamental to achieving this is respecting the rights set out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and the Children’s Rights."

Read more on the Social Care Forum

Source: Tanya Anderson, GIRFEC Development Officer with CrossReach, written November 2017



  • How does your church or group promote physical, social, mental, emotional and spiritual health?
  • What can you do around physical health? Can you do a sponsored walk or a pilgrimage? Offer healthy snacks in church groups
  • Can you plan for an outdoor or active opportunity? Go on a camp, do a sponsored walk or a pilgrimage?
  • Review the food offered at church. Can healthy snacks be offered?
  • Get involved in CrossReach Grey Cakes mental health campaign
  • Discuss youth mental health with young people, members of your church and community (read the NYA 2016 Mental Health and the Church report)
  • Singpost young people to local support services
  • Do you know about the Convention on the Rights of the Child? What does the Bible say about children’s rights? How can you discuss this with your young people
  • Use Cal the Octopus to explore the 8 child wellbeing indicators for young people to live life in all its fullness
  • Do your children and young people have other ideas?


Heavenly Father
We ask that you open our eyes to the needs of others,
We pray that you will open our ears to hear their cries,
Our hearts are broken due to all the tragedies which are,
happening in this world.
We read about the fatalities that are occurring due to the wars,
Which are taking place.
We hear about the children who have lost their families and their homes.
We pray that those who are making the decisions that affect the World,
Can learn how to show compassion, respect and love,


Dear God
Thank you for my family and friends all over the world,
Thank you for food and water that we eat and drink,
Please help and pray for people who have been hurt or injured by bad people,
Please help those who have lost someone in their family,
Thank you God for all you do for us,
And thank you for loving us,


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