5th March 2019



Scotland waits.








We met with Holly and Gillian last week, the reps from Exterion media, to talk about booking the media campaign for Scotland in April. We are almost there! Across the nation there will be a strong bus campaign in towns and cities, adverts on Scotrail trains and digital screens in stations including the Glasgow Metro. Holly said, "This is going to be everywhere!"


The small amount of remaining funding is shown below divided across different locations. We have five more days to get across the finishing line.


Please pray concerning these small gaps, as well as for the effect the adverts will have in the lives of thousands of people. Thank you.


£12,000 remains for the full package divided approximately among these places


Edinburgh £3000


Glasgow £1000


Inverness £0


Aberdeen £2000


Dundee £1250


Perth £1750


Stirling £1900


Dunfermline/Fife £600


Peterhead/Fraserburgh £0


Ayr £500


(Well done Peterhead and Inverness!)


If you wish to give for any of these places please click the donate button below and email us to say where you wish it to be given.


We heard an astounding story this weekend. A dear woman bought trypraying booklets and kept them in her bag to give away when appropriate. One day her non-Christian neighbour called round to ask her to pray because her husband had been diagnosed with cancer. She said she would pray and gave them each a trypraying booklet. A couple of weeks later she met him walking the dog on the beach. He said "That booklet: good read! I've read it twice. This God is a mighty big God, isn't he? I have to come out here to a vast place to meet a vast God. He is listening to me." They are blown away because they heard he no longer has cancer.


We're just telling it as we heard it!


Thank you for being part of this adventure.


The trypraying team.


(David, Emma and David)





Donate <https://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-jtkdudkl-uttrudttuh-y/>





Trypraying. office@trypraying.co.uk

0131 202 6449.

Scottish Charity ref SC048037.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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