5th February 2019




In April we have plans for a strong advertising campaign on buses across the whole of Scotland*. Other places in the UK are doing this as well. We know the adverts work people pray when they see them.


The giving campaign is underway. You are invited to join in. It’s not a fundraiser because we are not interested in just receiving money. We want to be a blessing to towns and cities across the country. The Apostle Paul talks about sowing generously and reaping generously. In this case the reaping comes as people see trypraying and then begin a journey that leads them to put their faith in Jesus.


It has been so exciting the last two weeks as gifts have been coming in every day. Already over £20,000 has been given or pledged. With less than four weeks to go we are praying that God will supply the money for this to be all over Scotland (£100K) plus other places. If you want to help, then, to give you an idea of costs, £520 will put an advert on the side of a bus for a month and £120 will put one on a rear panel.


Please help us raise the money for this exciting project. Click the 'yes' button to give via Give.net, PayPal or BACS. Or send a cheque (payable to trypraying) to the address below. If you Gift Aid, even better - there's an online form at www.thereishope.co.uk/donate. <https://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-jtdtludd-uttrudttuh-y/>


YES <https://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-jtdtludd-uttrudttuh-j/>




Rachel was at a loss. She was estranged from her children and didn’t know what to do. She met someone from a church who gave her a trypraying booklet which she used. God wonderfully answered her prayer about contact with her children. She has become a believer and was baptised last week.


John works in a restaurant. Last week he was asked by a customer if he had seen the trypraying logo. ‘Yes, many times!’ He was shown a trypraying booklet and told it’s a prayer guide for people who are not religious and don’t do church. His expression might just as well have said, ‘That’s me.’ What he did say was, ‘I am really interested in that. The timing is very good for me. I will read it.’


Donate <https://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-jtdtludd-uttrudttuh-t/>




In many places groups of churches are working out how they can be involved.


In Peterhead several churches have signed up and a generous person is underwriting the cost of local buses. They are now busy with ordering banners and booklets for people to 'Use it and lose it’.


Over 20 churches in Basingstoke are engaging with trypraying. The short summary of an exciting phone call yesterday was: 'We're in!'




One church decided to pass a basket round to help raise funds for the bus campaign. They invited the congregation to donate their small change (or more). Once it was collected the church decided to match the amount given making a total of £350 for their bus campaign.


Is this something you could do in your church?


Another idea could be to send this email to a friend to see if they would be interested to help.




"I love the challenge trypraying brings to people who don’t do church. It’s the unashamed creation of space for the Holy Spirit to move and surprise them with his goodness… it blows my mind every time I think about it!"


Dez Johnson - Alpha Scotland Director.




Two videos trypraying the idea <https://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-jtdtludd-uttrudttuh-i/> (4 mins) and the animation <https://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-jtdtludd-uttrudttuh-d/> (90 secs) help explain how trypraying works. Both work well in a church service or a home group setting and they will leave you thinking, "I could do that!"


You can register your church to be involved by clicking here...



Register <https://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-jtdtludd-uttrudttuh-h/>


Facebook <https://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-jtdtludd-uttrudttuh-k/> Twitter <https://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-jtdtludd-uttrudttuh-u/>

* Dependent on funds being given and the reach of bus companies.




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www.trypraying.co.uk - for enquirers

www.thereishope.co.uk - for churches

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