21st May 2019

It's Everywhere!


Trypraying is all over Scotland as well as many other places. Here's what people have being saying:


"I was supremely weirded-out yesterday on the Glasgow subway seeing these trypraying adverts. Does anyone know what it's about?"






"It's awesome to see trypraying on the buses. That little book has changed my life."


"I came home and my husband was sitting reading the trypraying booklet and weeping."


"A prayer guide for non-Christians? Doh! Why hasn't anyone thought of that before."


"Our local church has had 50 booklets taken from the perspex box on the railings outside next to our banner - and the bus stop"


"Six years ago my aunt gave me a trypraying booklet. I had nothing to lose so I gave it a go. Now there's not a day goes by without me praying. I gave a copy to a friend and now we both go to church."


Footnote: it's not the booklet that helps, it's the person to whom they pray that makes the difference :)








Have you missed the bus?



Nup! Perhaps you feel you have missed the opportunity to do something with trypraying. Certainly not. It's happening now in many places: 20 plus churches in each of Basingstoke and Guildford are using trypraying this month and a whole diocese in Leicestershire has been using trypraying together.


Many UK churches are joining in with 'Thy Kingdom Come'. This is a great opportunity to continue or start conversations. Get set up with a stock of trypraying booklets. The Easter bundle <https://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-jijkvhy-uttrudttuh-r/> offer of 100 booklets and a banner will continue for another month.


Now is the time to start a conversation (- when was it ever not time?) The trypraying logo is all over the place and all you need to ask is, "Have you ever tried praying?" Listen first and then you could continue with, "You may have seen the trypraying logo recently. Well, there's a booklet that goes with it. It's a prayer guide for people who are not religious. Here, why don't you try praying for a week and see what happens?" Then hand over the booklet.




.... and pray.


Show this animation to your church to help people know what to do: Use it and lose it animation <https://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-jijkvhy-uttrudttuh-y/>





On the wider front



In the UK: Over 400 churches are using trypraying and it is highly visible. Churches are making the most of the opportunities. For example, St Luke's Parish Church in Beccles tweeted: "Today we talked about the nets of mission and ministry we cast as we reflected on John 21:1-19. Everyone was given a trypraying booklet to use and hand on to someone else. We were also encouraged to think and pray for one person."


In the USA: 40,000 booklets have been printed by the Guttenberg Press (yes, you read that correctly) and shipped to the USA along with 10,000 children's booklets and 10,000 youth booklets. A Spanish edition is in our sights and will come soon. As a result of a month-long trip to the USA it looks like there will be emerging multi-church trypraying projects: Washington DC, Cleveland, Longmont (Colorado) and Chicago. Important meetings are taking place during these weeks.




It's everywhere



Pictures have been sent to us of buses, posters and banners from many places.


The most amusing is one from a wind farm in a remote part of Scotland.


The most talked-about has been the turnstyles at Glasgow Queen Street Station.


The most northerly has been a banner on a church near John O'Groats.


The most buses seen together were three in a row - two of which are in this picture - the third was in front.


And the banner that probably had the most viewings was outside a church on the route of the Tour de Yorkshire.


What's the point of it all? People pray when they see these and it opens up conversations about faith.


Send us your pictures - and your stories! office@trypraying.co.uk.











Not to make too big a thing of it, but we need to have about 100 people giving £20 a month to see us through next year :). Are you one of them? Send us an email office@trypraying.co.uk <mailto:office@trypraying.co.uk> and we will send you information about how you can help. For a one-off donation click the button here. Thank you so much.



Count me in <https://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-jijkvhy-uttrudttuh-t/>



Thank you so much for your interest in what is happening and thank you for sharing in the adventure of it all.


The trypraying team


David, Emma and David





0131 202 6449 Scottish charity SC048037

www.trypraying.co.uk - for enquirers info

www.thereishope.co.uk - for churches info


There is Hope is the charity that runs the trypraying project.

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