17th September 2018

Let's All Do It Together


Let’s do it together in 2019...




...trypraying in your town or city.



In April 2019 many towns and cities in the UK will be running trypraying projects. In Scotland there will be an advertising campaign running across the whole country. Buses will be carrying trypraying adverts throughout the cities and out to the towns and villages.*






Trypraying brings a message of hope to everyone. It's a way of giving everyone a decent chance to hear about Jesus. It's not about buses; it's about churches working together and individuals taking the opportunity to share their faith.


Although many stories have come to light about how effective trypraying advertising is we now know something remarkable. Research has demonstrated that people actually do begin a journey towards God when they see these adverts. And not just a few; thousands of people.* The simple invitation to try praying when the logo is seen on banners outside churches and on buses on the streets has a profound effect.


This is a huge opportunity for churches to make a personal connection. And it's also a wonderful opportunity for individuals to sensitively get into faith-sharing conversations. Many people are not able to talk about their faith with someone who is not a believer, but this is a staggeringly simple way to get started. And, actually, to keep going!


So the countdown to next April has begun. It was launched at a meeting in Edinburgh last week and the vision will be taken to meetings around the country.


We are looking for churches that wish to be involved and groups of churches that want to do things together. Is that you?



Talk to us.



If you are interested to get involved with trypraying in 2019 contact us. If you wish to arrange a meeting of church leaders in your area we would be delighted to talk with you. Email office@trypraying.co.uk <mailto:office@trypraying.co.uk> or phone 0131 202 6449.


More information is here <http://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-jjdlhro-kudhdjthp-r/> where you can also sign up.


Trust God and take risks!



The trypraying team.



* Bus advertising in towns and cities can be arranged centrally. It costs £100,000 for a strong bus campaign across all Scottish cities and some rural areas. If other places wish to piggy-back on the advantageous price we have been given get in touch with us.


* Wild Heather Research May 2017. The on-line survey of 500 people in and around Edinburgh shows 40% awareness of the trypraying logo. Of 32% of those who said they had prayed recently 13% had not seen the adverts leaving a remarkable 19% who had prayed who had seen the adverts. That translates to over 31000 people.




True story.



A church had put a perspex box outside attached to the railings with trypraying booklets in for people to help themselves to a copy.


Independently, Janice (not her real name), a woman from that church, regularly helps people who are homeless or struggling in one way or another. She goes into a local park where people hang out. She has been doing this for years as her service to the Lord. While there recently she overheard a girl and a mother talking. The girl was saying that she wanted to spend the money she had on a birthday present. The mother however was explaining that the money was needed to pay bills and buy food. Janice joined their conversation and asked if she could help in some way. Thus began a process in which this family were being helped in some very practical ways with their bills and with food and she also treated them to a coffee and an ice cream.


The mother asked Janice, "Are you the lady from that church with the trypraying booklets outside? I picked one up three days ago and prayed for the first time. I prayed that God would send somebody to help and you have done just that, thank you!" A few tears and prayers followed.


Send us your story we are real people who listen and rejoice in what God has done.


Go on, encourage us… :-)







Do you want to help fund this adventure? We only need 1000 gifts of £100 or 500 gifts of £200 or 100 gifts of £1000 or 10 gifts of £10,000 or 2 or £50000 or... :-) Would you like to make one of these?


Donate <http://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-jjdlhro-kudhdjthp-y/>






We have recently launched our redesigned, bright, awesome trypraying youth booklet <http://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-jjdlhro-kudhdjthp-j/> .


New also is a little booklet for women in prison <http://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-jjdlhro-kudhdjthp-t/> similar, but different, from our men's prisons booklet.


And remember the 100 adult trypraying booklets and banner offer, and more, from our resources page <http://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-jjdlhro-kudhdjthp-i/> .





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Scottish Charity ref SC048037.

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