17th June 2019

We Need A Few Friends





Trypraying has just had the most amazing year. There has been a campaign that stretched across Scotland. Over 400 churches in the UK engaged with trypraying. Astounding stories of God at work have surfaced. There are developments in America, Australia and New Zealand. And more…


1000s of people have been given a trypraying booklet by someone from a participating church. A stream of people contact the office from the website asking for a free booklet. Some are Christians but many are genuinely seeking to find God in their lives.


All this would never have been imagined when trypraying started 10 years ago. We truly give thanks to God and pray that he will continue to use this to bring people to himself.


Looking forward to this coming year we see trypraying continuing as a catalyst for evangelism and prayer. Next year, in 2020, we hope to see multi-church processes starting in at least 10 cities in England and Wales as well as continuing in Scotland and developing in other countries.


To do this we need a few friends.




Our costs are met by selling booklets and a (very) small number of people who give regularly. (If that's you, thank you so very much.) We need that number to increase so we can manage the development opportunities that are coming our way. We don't want to be swamped. We need to take on a fourth person into the team to join the three already here.


So we are asking for 100 people who will become our friends. With 2020 round the corner we thought it would help if we gave you an idea of what different regular gifts will help achieve. Playing with the numbers 2-0-2-0 it looks like this:


* £2 a month will enable us to send one free booklet to someone who requests it from our website.

* £20 a month will cover the costs of sending 10 people a free booklet.

* £202 a month will enable us to print 10,000 copies of the children's trypraying booklet with a bit left over to help pay the office rent for a month or two.*

* £2020 a month will enable us to print 100,000 copies of the adult and youth booklets needed for this coming year.*


So we need a few friends.


Join us.


If you would like to become a friend and make a monthly donation we would be delighted. Please click the 'Count on me' button or contact us at office@trypraying.co.uk for further information.


Count on me <https://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-jiikdhuy-uttrudttuh-y/>


Kind regards,

David Hill, CEO trypraying





*They are approximate figures obviously and gifts don't necessarily need to have the number 2 or zero in them :-) And, just to be clear, we sell booklets and that pays for our rent, phone, staff, travel, etc..




What is trypraying?



Trypraying is for those who are not religious and don't do church.



It's booklet, a logo and a town/city process to give people a decent chance to hear about Jesus.







General enquiries:

0131 202 6449


Email enquiries:

office@trypraying.co.uk <mailto:office@trypraying.co.uk>




0131 202 6449

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