16th October 2018

Prison Week 14 - 20th October Support your local prison




When a prison chaplain first saw the trypraying prisons booklet he said, with considerable emotion, "We have been praying for this!" Our two booklets, specially written for prisoners (- a little book for prisoners <http://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-jltihhkk-kudhdjthp-y/> and a little book for women in prison <http://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-jltihhkk-kudhdjthp-j/> ), has had a great response. Chaplains are recognising this as a valuable resource. Samples are being distributed to prisons throughout the UK.


Unfortunately chaplains don't have any funding to acquire them. Please consider sponsoring booklets for a prison near you in order to help people find freedom in Christ. During prison week please pray for those involved within the prison service: the prisoners, chaplains, staff and all the volunteers who go in..


God is at work in the prisons. One prison had an average attendance of 15 -17 at their service at Easter time. Now a few months later there are 60-70, with many asking to be confirmed. Another chaplain recently told us that he has 120 men coming to his service and he can't walk down the prison wings without people stopping and asking him questions.


"Remember those in prison as if you were together with them." Hebrews 13:3


WHY NOT PURCHASE COPIES FOR YOUR NEAREST PRISON OR ASK YOUR CHURCH TO SPONSOR BOOKLETS? <http://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-jltihhkk-kudhdjthp-t/>


We can connect you to a local prison worker or chaplain and arrange for booklets to be delivered. Orders must be for a minimum of 20 booklets.


Or you can simply make a donation <http://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-jltihhkk-kudhdjthp-i/> .







"This is a wonderful resource for prisoners who want to pray but feel unsure how to reach out to God. We find it is written in a very accessible style and the content is very helpful."


Rev. Keith Graham, Chaplain, HMP Edinburgh




* It's a booklet about prayer and Jesus, for non-religious readers.

* An easy read with prisoners' stories, bold images and engaging text.

* Developed with prisoners and ex-prisoners.

* One version for men and another for women.






For more information about work in prisons contact your local chaplain or visit prisonfellowship.org.uk <http://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-jltihhkk-kudhdjthp-d/> .


How to get trypraying booklets.


* Order online from the There is Hope website <http://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-jltihhkk-kudhdjthp-h/>

* Or, for more information, email us at: office@trypraying.co.uk <mailto:office@trypraying.co.uk>






Did you miss it?



Did you miss our last newsletter? "Trypraying 2019 <http://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-jltihhkk-kudhdjthp-u/> " is getting underway. Is your church, town or city, going to be involved? Groups of churches across the UK are engaging with this. Keep an eye out for the next newsletter with more details of how to be involved.

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