12th November 2018

Trypraying On The Road


Join us on the road.


Plans are developing for trypraying 2019. Church leaders in towns and cities are getting involved. In Scotland there will be a whole-nation campaign. It will be launched in April with bus advertising across all the Scottish cities.


In preparation the trypraying team are on the road sharing the vision. The tour is taking in Peterborough, Leicester, York, Leeds, Inverness, Glasgow, Aberdeen, West Bromwich, Guildford, Basingstoke, Dundee, Stirling, Perth, the Borders and Edinburgh.


Bus adverts work. They create awareness and influence. Over 31,000 people in Edinburgh started to pray last year as a result of the advertising used*. So now groups of churches in towns/cities are getting involved around the country. £100,000 will purchase a strong bus campaign across all Scottish cities due to run in April 2019. £5,000 has already been given.


Trypraying is a personal faith-sharing resource, a simple whole-church project and a town/city unity movement. It takes the message to those ‘who are not religious and don’t do church.’


Want to join in?


Come to one of the meetings below or (if you are not in Scotland) talk to us about your area and we’ll see if we can help. If you plan to come to one of the roadshow meetings we will need to know you are coming so we can get the catering right so please RSVP <mailto:office@trypraying.co.uk> .


* Wild Heather Research for commissioned by Whitespace 2017.




Roadshow dates:


* Inverness. Tues 20th Nov. Macdonald Drumossie Hotel 07:30 09:00 am

* Aberdeen. Wed 21st Nov. Macdonald Norwood Hall 07:30 09:00 am

* Stirling. Thurs 22nd Nov. Macdonald Inchyra Hotel 07:30 09:00 am

* Perth. Thurs 22nd Nov. Trinity church 14:00 15:30

* Glasgow. Wed 28th Nov. Vineyard Centre 09:30 11:00 am

* Dunfermline. Thurs 29 Nov. Gillespie Memorial Church 14:30 16:00

* Borders. TBC

* Edinburgh. TBC






A couple were travelling on a bus through to Glasgow with their baby and had no money. They were discussing how they would steal from a shop when they arrived. However, they were overheard by Mary (not her real name). That morning Mary had felt she should take two copies of the trypraying booklet with her on her trip to Glasgow. At the destination she engaged the couple in conversation, took them to buy some provisions, gave them each a trypraying booklet and (unusually for her) also gave them her phone number. A week later she had a call from the couple. They had been going through the booklet, things were changing, saying they wanted to go further with their faith and are now going on an Alpha course.




Get involved.


Here’s what you can do now:


* Pray to ask God whether you should be involved in this.

* Get your church involved.

* Make it a town-wide/city-wide process. Get other churches involved.

* Give. We only need 2 gifts of £50,000(!) for the adverts across Scotland (or 20 gifts of £5000, 100 gifts of £1000, 500 gifts of £200 …….) We also need money for our regular office needs. Or you may know of others who may be in a position help.






* Use the 7 themes in the trypraying booklet as a preaching plan for Lent (7 weeks from 6th March): ‘Impossible,’ ‘Nerve,’ ‘Quality’, Faith ‘, Credit’, ‘Spark’ and ‘Awe’. These are Biblical themes with helpful motivation to enable a church to engage with God’s mission.

* Trial trypraying with your leadership team or house group. A church in Washington DC is doing this. They have asked for copies for the leaders and then plan to encourage the whole church to ‘use it and lose it’ in 2019.

* Perspex boxes. These are catching on. Fix a Perspex box (suggestion) <http://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-jtltjjuk-kudhdjthp-y/> to the outside of the church with trypraying booklets in it and a note inviting people to help themselves to a copy. ‘The booklets are flying from the box. They need to be regularly replaced.’

* Ask God to give you an opportunity to share your faith. Carry a trypraying booklet with you and see if he leads you into a conversation.




From our mailbag.


Ed: There is still a lot of ‘ordinary’ in each week but we do get some very positive (and interesting) comments:


'What if you start praying and the Muslim god answers?’


‘I have just read trypraying and love it…’


'We are the largest Woman’s prison in Europe. Our monetary resources are very limited, so although we have ideal candidates for the booklets, we have no spare cash!'


'These are quality materials. You have given the churches an amazing gift. Something leapt inside me when I heard you speak of all Scotland.'


Trypraying is a donkey.


"When Jesus arrived the whole city was stirred."


When Jesus rode into Jerusalem (Matt 21:1-11) the whole city was stirred with people asking ‘Who is this?’


Have you ever wondered what that would look like today in your town - thousands asking about him?


In Jerusalem the story began with the need of a donkey. They didn’t have one. So Jesus sent a couple of disciples to get one. Those two disciples must have been a little apprehensive as they went but thrilled at what happened.


But the importance of the story is not the discovery of the donkey, wonderful that it was, but who sat on it.


So with us. It’s not our plans, nor the discovery of God’s provision for them, but who rides on them. It would have been somewhat comic to have led an empty donkey though the streets with crowds wondering what was going on. It’s only when Jesus is ‘riding on our plans’ that the crowds gather and cheer and ask who is this?


We truly want Jesus to ride on this donkey.



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0131 202 6449 Scottish charity SCO48037

www.trypraying.co.uk - for enquirers info

www.thereishope.co.uk - for churches info


There is Hope is the charity that runs the trypraying project.

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