12th December 2018

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An outstanding year


2018 has been an outstanding year and we are full of gratitude to God. Every Monday morning when our little team meets we ‘harvest’ the latest stories of God at work in people’s lives which we are privileged to hear because of trypraying. I wish I could let everyone in on the thrill we often feel.


In the last two months our road show team has been in front of groups of church leaders in 7 towns and cities in England and, by the time we have completed the tour, 9 towns and cities in Scotland. Church leaders are enthusiastic about this simple way to get people praying and sharing their faith. Several are planning to use trypraying with other churches to reach their community together. Trypraying is not everywhere but, as you can tell, many places are planning to join. You?


Get ready for 2019


In April 2019 churches will be running trypraying projects putting the logo into the public space. And, across the whole of Scotland, there will be a strong bus advertising campaign. People have already generously given £10,000 towards the £100,000 needed for this, for which we are very grateful.




Donate for bus adverts <http://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-jtyuhtty-kudhdjthp-r/>


Don’t miss the bus



Start thinking about involvement now and, come January:


* Make sure trypraying is on your church agenda.

* Plan Sundays in April for ‘use it and lose it’.

* Plan a preaching theme using the topics in the trypraying booklet.

* Register your church for April 2019.

* Give towards the advertising costs.


… and pray.




Why do we do this?



The last thing I do every night is to open a window upstairs and look out over the city. We are fortunate where we live because we can see for miles and miles even at night with the street lights picking out the roads. I see distant traffic lights, a few cars on the quiet roads and many houses. It’s an impressive view. I look at the city and I pray the briefest of prayers: that God will turn people's hearts to him - in their thousands. As I write this I realise this is what God wants and it is why Jesus came to this earth.


A few weeks ago a minster met me and enthusiastically told me his story:


"A man was walking past the church which had an old trypraying banner on the wall. He saw it and realised this was something he needed to find out about. He contacted someone at the church who introduced him to the minister who gave him a trypraying booklet. Since that time he has been coming for regular conversations - along with his daughter."


Jesus came for the man walking past the church and he came for the thousands in the homes I can see from my window. This is why we do trypraying; we want people to come to know the best news ever it’s for everyone.


Thank you


We are so glad to be in touch with you and we want to thank you for your involvement and interest in trypraying. Thank you for being part of a great year in 2018 and, in anticipation, 2019.


We wish you and your family God’s blessing on all you are doing.



The trypraying team.



David Hill, Emma Weaver and David Hart.





Two more roadshow meetings



Edinburgh: Saturday 12th January at Ps and Gs Church 9.00 - 10.30 am.


Peebles: Tuesday 15th January St Andrews Leckie, 1.30 - 3.00 pm.


RSVP - for roadshow <mailto:office@trypraying.co.uk>

Register for April 2019 <http://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-jtyuhtty-kudhdjthp-y/>




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