10th January 2019

Two Months To Go!


In just over two months time banners will be appearing on churches, adverts on buses and people having conversations about faith. Trypraying will be in the public space. People - many people - should have a relevant, accessible and contemporary invitation to do life with God. Would you like to be part of this? There's more information here. <https://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-jttdahl-kudhdjthp-j/>


Why do this?


Here's why. This came last week:


"I did indeed get the trypraying booklet. Already God is helping me - and my dad. We are both on this faith journey together. It is really odd that we are both turning to God at this time as we didn't plan to!


And, not to dodge it, there are straightforward instructions from Jesus for us to tell everyone about him (e.g. Matt 28:18-20). Church life, for all the variety of it's activities and concerns, so often seems to miss out on this. Strange. But we can do something about it...


What's the idea?


We have a new short film which shares the idea of trypraying as well as telling some of the stories. Check it out <https://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-jttdahl-kudhdjthp-t/> and see if your church can use it or share it with friends. Some who featured in it are a bit embarrassed about being so prominent(!) but it's a great piece for sharing the vision and helps us get ready to do something.


Want to give?


We are planning for our strongest advertising campaign across all Scotland with every city having bus adverts during April. Other places in the UK are doing this as well. As we know, the advertising works. People pray when they see them. The Scottish campaign will cost £100,000. It costs approximately £520 for a large 'T-side' and £120 for a rear panel for a month. Please help us to raise this. Gifts are coming in. We have already been given over £12,000. If you want to share in the excitement of it all maybe you or your church could buy an advert or two. (You could ask your congregation to fill a basket with donatons of £1.00, or more.) Please click the donate button.


What are people saying?


"Trypraying is simple and non-threatening. It recognises the spiritual dimension we all have, and seeks to foster it through sharing a resource and making personal contact" Rev Colin Sinclair, Moderator Designate Church of Scotland


"Trypraying is a simple, proven and effective way to help people encounter God. It is non-threatening, easy to use and yet profound. To see a city full of posters simply suggesting people ‘try praying’ has been so inspiring - but to hear the stories of lives changed is amazing!" Rev Dave Richards, Rector at Ps and Gs Church, Edinburgh.





Donate <https://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-jttdahl-kudhdjthp-i/>

Register <https://email.stargrange.com/t/r-l-jttdahl-kudhdjthp-d/>


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0131 202 6449 Scottish charity SC048037

www.trypraying.co.uk - for enquirers info

www.thereishope.co.uk - for churches info

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