9th March 2019

Matched Giving Appeal


Dear Friend,





Until 17 May, your donation to the Tearfund Matched Giving Appeal will be doubled by the UK government up to £2 million.





It’s such an amazing chance to do more good can I urge you to seize the chance and make a kind gift today?






MAKE A GIFT <https://www.tearfund.org/admin/inpoints/uk_aid_match_2019/esend_prem?utm_medium=email&utm_source=premier&utm_campaign=ukaidmatch_2019_feb_may&utm_content=esend_2&utm_term=premier>





Your gift will help transform lives around the world, wherever the need is greatest. And the match funding will make an amazing difference in Pakistan for people like Rubina.





Rubina’s life is ruined by rubbish. She’s a mother of three and lives in a poor slum community in Pakistan where none of the rubbish is collected. It just piles up and, when it becomes overwhelming, is burned to try and get rid of it. This creates toxic fumes.





Rubina regularly has to take her Javed, aged nine and who lives with a disability, to the hospital. He has difficulty breathing due to the fumes.





And her four-year-old son Tariq recently suffered agonising facial burns from harmful waste it broke Rubina’s heart.





Rubina longs for a cleaner neighbourhood where her children will be safe and healthy.





Match funding from the UK government will be used by our partners in Pakistan to establish waste recycling hubs in some of the poorest slum communities. The hubs will enable the environment to be cleaned up and made safe, improve the health of the local community and provide job opportunities to help lift people out of poverty.





A matched gift of £24 will prevent 6 tonnes of waste from being burned and releasing toxic fumes, meaning the air is cleaner to breathe for children like Rubina’s.







GIVE TODAY! <https://www.tearfund.org/admin/inpoints/uk_aid_match_2019/esend_prem?utm_medium=email&utm_source=premier&utm_campaign=ukaidmatch_2019_feb_may&utm_content=esend_2&utm_term=premier>





You can hear Rubina’s story in a special video <https://premierchristianmedia.co.uk/16DQ-65THI-HBY0V8-3I4AJ3-1/c.aspx> Through your gift, many thousands more like her will be able to breathe easy.





I hope you will grasp this amazing opportunity.




With every blessing,








Nigel Harris


CEO, Tearfund

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