9th March 2018

Tearfund: After The Quake


Imagine. Close your eyes and let us take you to Nepal, a beautiful Himalayan country in South Asia.





In April 2015, the first of two devastating earthquakes struck Nepal, affecting more than 8 million people across the country. Nearly 9,000 people were killed, 22,000 injured and millions were left homeless.





For 28-year-old Samjana, life after the earthquake has never been the same. A mother of two, she lost her third child a 16-month-old daughter as well as her mother-in-law in the devastation. The earthquake took everything: her house, her livelihood, her joy, her peace.





But with support from Tearfund, Samjana has been able to build a new house. It has two rooms and a kitchen and, although life still isn’t easy, Samjana is grateful her family can be together. The heartache and ongoing need hasn’t gone away but even in her sadness Samjana says, ‘We have to have courage.’





This Premier Praise Appeal Week is an exciting opportunity for you to play your part in helping to restore lives and bring hope where it is needed most. We believe that an end to extreme poverty is near, but it takes us all. In Nepal and all around the world, the need is great and there is still so much to do and we want to do all we can so that no one has to face the same devastation that Samjana experienced.





Your gift and prayers can and will make a difference, going where the need is greatest to impact and transform someone’s life.





Just £5 a month for a year could equip five people like Samjana to be more prepared in the face of disaster.





We won’t stop until poverty stops - will you join us?



Give now!  <https://premierchristianmedia.co.uk/16DQ-5HZJ3-HBY0V8-3156YF-1/c.aspx>






Photo: Matthew Joseph/Tearfund.

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