9th December 2017

Have Your Gift Doubled!

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This Christmas you have an amazing opportunity: you can spread hope around the world and see it go twice as far.





The UK government are offering to match every pound that you give to the Tearfund Match Giving Appeal - pound for pound!



DOUBLE MY GIFT! <http://premierchristianmedia.co.uk/16DQ-58ROJ-HBY0V8-2X2APQ-1/c.aspx>




And your kind donation will help to generate real hope in some of the darkest and most troubled places on earth.







Sorella fled her village in the Central African Republic (CAR) with her family after it was brutally attacked by an armed group - they lived in a refugee camp in the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo for two years. Two years with barely anything to eat.





She finally returned home with her family to find their house ransacked. Life has been hard for them since their return. However Sorella has now got a reason to hope for a better future: Tearfund’s local partners in CAR have started an adult learning course in her village.





It’s hard to overstate how much this course means to Sorella. She never went to school as a child. ‘I’ve learned how to count money and read the Bible. I feel very happy.’





Sorella has started educating her children at home and is selling a few items like soap to feed her family. Along with her husband, she has plans to build a chicken house and raise chickens. A world of possibility has opened up for Sorella and it’s all thanks to the gift of education.





With match funding, £38 could provide a woman like Sorella with literacy & numeracy skills which will empower her with confidence in her daily life.





There is always the chance to offer people fresh hope and new possibilities. Through your gift, more women like Sorella can experience that hope for themselves.





I hope you will grab this amazing opportunity to double your gift. As I’ve already mentioned, this match funding offer is for a strictly limited time. So seize the moment and spread the goodwill this Christmas season… twice as far.




With every blessing,




Jeremy Taylor


Deputy Head of West & Central Africa Team,


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