3rd November 2017

Every £1 Becomes £2


Dear Friend,





I wanted to let you know about a fantastic opportunity!





Tearfund has launched a new appeal for the Christmas season where your generous gift will go twice as far.





Every pound you give to the Tearfund Match Giving Appeal will be doubled by the UK government - so if you make a gift of £25 it immediately becomes £50!



TELL ME MORE!  <http://www.tearfund.org/Admin/Inpoints/DFID/UKA17PremrEmlSubsbr>




Your donation could bring precious support to people struggling in some of the most troubled places on earth, like the Central African Republic (CAR).




In recent years CAR has been devastated by a brutal conflict:





* A million people have fled their homes.


* Two million don’t have enough food to eat.


* Women have suffered terribly - they’ve been widowed and attacked.





Sorella is a mother of six from CAR. Fighters attacked her village, forcing her to flee with her children. They returned two years later to find their house ransacked and everything gone.




With your support, more women like Sorella can make a fresh start, learning new ways to make a living and provide for their families.





Over the next three months you’ll be hearing some hard-hitting stories from CAR on Premier. Hard-hitting, but also stories of hope.





Through your donation, more people like Sorella can find hope. And remember; for a strictly limited time, your donation will be doubled!





With every blessing,







Nigel Harris


CEO, Tearfund





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