26th March 2018

You Are Amazing - Thank You

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Dear Friend,





Thank you!




We are so grateful for your prayers and support during the Tearfund Appeal Week on Premier Praise, and wanted to share some exciting news...





Thanks to gifts like yours, we could train 275 people on how to be more prepared for when a disaster strikes. This is an incredible achievement and we couldn’t have reached this goal without your support. On behalf of everyone here at Tearfund, thank you.




We won’t stop until poverty stops, and we’ll continue to follow Jesus wherever the need is greatest. We hope you’ve been challenged and encouraged by the stories we’ve shared, and will continue to pray with us as we seek an end to extreme poverty.




Once again, thank you for joining with us on this journey. Together, we can make a difference and bring life, restoration and a new start for those in the greatest need.




Thank you. God bless you.




If you haven’t yet taken the opportunity to give, it’s not too late! Donate online <https://premierchristianmedia.co.uk/16DQ-5JARB-HBY0V8-3223GF-1/c.aspx> or call 0300 0040 353 Monday Friday from 8am 5pm. Thank you.



Give now!  <https://premierchristianmedia.co.uk/16DQ-5JARB-HBY0V8-320R2S-1/c.aspx>






Photo: Tom Price/Tearfund.

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