23rd January 2018

Exciting News


All of us at Tearfund are truly overwhelmed and humbled by your fabulous generosity. Your giving to this campaign has exceeded our wildest expectations. Thank you so much!


This is money that could change the lives of many thousands of people like Geena in the Central African Republic. Her home and livelihood were destroyed in the terrible civil conflict.


She, and others like her, will receive the chance to learn new skills in agriculture, literacy, numeracy and business life-changing training that can lead them out of terrible poverty forever.


If you’ve already given, thank you so much! Your money will provide hope for people who have suffered unimaginably in some of the poorest, most desperate places around the world.


And if you haven’t got around to doubling your donation yet? Well, now is the perfect opportunity your generous gift can do twice as much good right now, so don’t miss out!


With every blessing,


Levourne Passiri

Acting Country Director (CAR), Tearfund

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