1st November 2018

Davina's Sweeter Future

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Dear Friend,





‘Life around here is hard,’ said Davina. She had to choose which one of her six children can go to school, as she cannot afford to send them all. This is a typical story in the village of Madzangina in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).





But life doesn’t have to be like this Tearfund partner Action Entraide is working with the local church, helping people to create their own change.





A group of women in Madzangina, including Davina, were recently taught how to make delicious jam to sell using the wild guavas that are usually left to rot on the ground Fruit that previously had no value is the key ingredient in these women's entrepreneurial efforts. And women who previously didn’t realise their own value now feel empowered and hopeful about the future.





Help more people like Davina to find hope for their future. ‘Making jam will improve my life,’ says Davina. ‘It could help to educate my children and provide for our daily needs. Maybe one day I can build a house.’





By giving £6 a month for a year you could enable a woman like Davina to learn


new business skills.





We believe that an end to extreme poverty is possible, but it will take each one of us. Please make a gift today and help us change the lives of those around the world in the greatest need. We won’t stop until poverty stops and you can join us in that work!




GIVE NOW <https://premierchristianmedia.co.uk/16DQ-5XHOX-HBY0V8-3C2OVP-1/c.aspx>





If you still want to give, it’s not too late. Just £6 a month could change a family’s life.


You can donate online or call 0300 00 40 353 Monday Friday from 8am 5pm.


Photo: Hannah Maule-ffinch /Tearfund

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