10th March 2018

Building Hope, One Brick At A Time


Earlier this week, we told you about Samjana and her devastating loss in the face of the disaster. Here, we’d like to share Ranjan’s story and how, through the help of Tearfund partner Rural Awareness and Development Organisation (RADO), his life is slowly being rebuilt after the earthquake.





Ranjan lives in Nepal with his wife, Sita. He has lived in the area for 20 years and together they have eight children. When the earthquake hit, everything was destroyed, including their house. Ranjan says, ‘If we had made our house properly, we wouldn’t be faced with this kind of devastation.’





In the aftermath of the earthquake, RADO began running workshops in how to build earthquake-resistant homes. Ranjan has since built three earthquake-resistant houses for people in the community and says, ‘I taught all the other workers about how to use the techniques and build houses like RADO showed us.’





He continues, ‘Now people are well equipped with the skills and knowledge to build a house so another disaster will not destroy it. Since the RADO training, I have noticed a smile on the faces of the people in the community. I’ve seen that now they are able to live in a safe house. Now, everyone is very clear on the idea of safety first.’





Ranjan’s story is a great testimony of the work our partners are doing in Nepal - but the need is still so great. Nepal and many other countries around the world are at high risk of future disasters, and we are determined to do all we can to help prepare communities, just like Ranjan’s, know what to do should catastrophe strike again.





We believe that an end to extreme poverty is near, but it’s going to take each one of us. Please give today.





Just £5 a month for a year could equip five people like Ranjan to be more prepared in the face of disaster.





If you still want to give, it’s not too late. Just £5 a month could save a life.


You can donate online <https://premierchristianmedia.co.uk/16DQ-5ICEQ-HBY0V8-31DS8C-1/c.aspx> or call 0300 00 40 353 Monday - Friday from 8am to 5pm.



Give now!  <https://premierchristianmedia.co.uk/16DQ-5ICEQ-HBY0V8-31DRVI-1/c.aspx>






Photo: Matthew Joseph/Tearfund.

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