9th October 2019

Pray With Compassion: Meet The Unstoppable Girls


Unstoppable girls <https://my.compassionuk.org/rd?1=AvMi~wr7Dv8S~xb~Gv80~yKVaPEqXwH7QxVP1z7~Pv_G&2=6558>


Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.


1 Chronicles 16:11



As we look ahead to International Day of the Girl Child, join us in praising God for the girls who’re being empowered thanks to the dedication of local churches working in partnership with Compassion.


The theme for this year’s awareness day is ‘Unscripted and Unstoppable’, which seeks to highlight the achievements by, with and for girls. We’re celebrating by sharing the stories of 7 unstoppable girls who’re overcoming complex issues such as FGM, access to education and child marriage.


Becca and the Compassion UK prayer team




Prayers & Stories For You




Shanti from Bangladesh <https://my.compassionuk.org/rd?1=AvMi~wr7Dv8S~xb~Gv80~yKVaPEqXwH7QxVP1z7~Pv_G&2=6559>

The Unstoppable Girls and the 7 Challenges They’re Overcoming


15-year-old Shanti belongs to one of Bangladesh’s largest indigenous minority groups. It’s not only difficult for her to get inside a classroom because she’s a girl. Shanti has had to overcome huge challenges <https://my.compassionuk.org/rd?1=AvMi~wr7Dv8S~xb~Gv80~yKVaPEqXwH7QxVP1z7~Pv_G&2=6552> because her people group, the Chakma, speak their own tribal language rather than the majority language, Bengali.


Shanti has broken the mould for girls <https://my.compassionuk.org/rd?1=AvMi~wr7Dv8S~xb~Gv80~yKVaPEqXwH7QxVP1z7~Pv_G&2=6552> thanks to the invaluable support she’s receiving from her Compassion sponsor, family and local church. "My goal when I complete my education is become an excellent teacher," she explains passionately.



Girls in education <https://my.compassionuk.org/rd?1=AvMi~wr7Dv8S~xb~Gv80~yKVaPEqXwH7QxVP1z7~Pv_G&2=6560>

Pray for Girls to Get Inside the Classroom


As International Day of the Girl Child approaches, please join us in praying for girls <https://my.compassionuk.org/rd?1=AvMi~wr7Dv8S~xb~Gv80~yKVaPEqXwH7QxVP1z7~Pv_G&2=6553> in the world's poorest communities to be given better access to education. Educated woman are healthier and less likely to contract HIV and AID, and other preventable diseases.


They’re wealthier, too. An extra year of education beyond the average boosts a girl’s future income <https://my.compassionuk.org/rd?1=AvMi~wr7Dv8S~xb~Gv80~yKVaPEqXwH7QxVP1z7~Pv_G&2=6553> by 20 percent. And the benefits aren’t just felt by them they’re passed on to the next generation. An extra year at school reduces infant mortality by 10 percent.




Unrest in Haiti <https://my.compassionuk.org/rd?1=AvMi~wr7Dv8S~xb~Gv80~yKVaPEqXwH7QxVP1z7~Pv_G&2=6561>

Pray for the Unrest in Haiti


Many major Haitian cities, including Port au Prince, Gonaives and Cap Haitian, are experiencing violent socio-political crisis. Over recent weeks, businesses have been vandalized, vehicles burnt and pedestrians and drivers ransomed at several corners of the Haitian capital. Many of Compassion’s local church partners have paused project activities for the safety of children and staff.


"We believe that God has appointed us for a time like this <https://my.compassionuk.org/rd?1=AvMi~wr7Dv8S~xb~Gv80~yKVaPEqXwH7QxVP1z7~Pv_G&2=6554> and we want to do the best we can to keep bringing hope to our dear sponsored children and youth," explains Compassion Haiti National Director, Guilbaud Saint-Cyr. "We are working alongside our church partners to provide appropriate holistic support <https://my.compassionuk.org/rd?1=AvMi~wr7Dv8S~xb~Gv80~yKVaPEqXwH7QxVP1z7~Pv_G&2=6554> to them in this trialling time that our nation has been facing. We rely on the prayers of the spiritual warriors throughout our partners."



Bible verses about faith <https://my.compassionuk.org/rd?1=AvMi~wr7Dv8S~xb~Gv80~yKVaPEqXwH7QxVP1z7~Pv_G&2=6562>

A Resource for You: Bible Verses About Faith


It can be tough to hold onto faith in God when life gets difficult. That’s why we’ve collected together these Bible verses about faith to give you reassurance and comfort <https://my.compassionuk.org/rd?1=AvMi~wr7Dv8S~xb~Gv80~yKVaPEqXwH7QxVP1z7~Pv_G&2=6555> . The Bible is full of incredible truths that remind us that we can put our faith in God and trust Him.


We invite you to share these verses about faith <https://my.compassionuk.org/rd?1=AvMi~wr7Dv8S~xb~Gv80~yKVaPEqXwH7QxVP1z7~Pv_G&2=6555> in the Bible with friends who need encouragement today.


"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1





Sponsor a girl <https://my.compassionuk.org/rd?1=AvMi~wr7Dv8S~xb~Gv80~yKVaPEqXwH7QxVP1z7~Pv_G&2=6556>


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